Australia: Parenzee jailed for nine years

September 27, 2007

Andre Parenzee, whose appeal against his January conviction invoked AIDS denialism, sentenced in South Australia.

Man jailed for spreading AIDS virus

September 27, 2007 – 4:15PM

A HIV-positive man who lied to and deceived three Adelaide woman about having the virus has been jailed for nine years.

A South Australian Supreme Court jury last January found Andre Chad Parenzee, 36, guilty of three counts of endangering life by having unprotected sex with the women.

All three women were former girlfriends of Parenzee, with one, a mother of two, later testing positive to the virus.

The woman had lived with Parenzee for two years, but he did not tell her he was HIV-positive until his sister informed her, the court heard.

Then, after the relationship ended, he exposed another woman to the virus, despite police already laying an endangering life charge against him.

In sentencing, Justice John Sulan said on Thursday Parenzee still had not come to terms with the fact he had contracted HIV, or the damage caused.

Justice Sulan ordered a five-year non-parole period and backdated the sentence to January last year.

The sentence had been delayed after Parenzee unsuccessfully appealed his conviction on the basis HIV did not exist, did not cause AIDS and was not sexually transmitted.

Parenzee lost a second appeal before the full bench of the Court of Appeal last month, after arguing the single appeal judge failed to take into account the different streams of thought on the cause of AIDS.

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