[Update] Czech Republic: Sentence reduced from 11.5 years to 9 years for Czech national deported from Thailand for alleged HIV transmission–softens–two–sentences–potential–spreading–hiv
December 7, 2017

[Update]Zimbabwe: High Court reduces jail sentence of man living with HIV from 13 years to 2 years

HIV+ man’s jail term for infecting partner reduced
November 22, 2017

US: After Ohio Supreme Court loss, defense lawyers are hoping U.S. Supreme Court will hear HIV disclosure case

Defense lawyers hope Supreme Court will hear HIV disclosure case
November 7, 2017

Sweden: Swedish organisations hope Supreme Court will set a new precedent when reviewing HIV criminalisation case

"HD:s prövning är välkommen – åtala inte personer som lever med HIV om överföring inte har skett"
November 1, 2017

US: Indiana Court of Appeals confirms conviction of man charged with felony for alleged HIV non-disclosure

HIV–positive man loses appeal of failure to warn conviction
October 31, 2017

US: Georgia Court of Appeals reverses conviction of man sentenced to 10 years for HIV exposure as prosecution did not provide a confirmed HIV test

Georgia Appeals Court Reverses HIV–Positive Man’s Conviction for Exposing Sexual Partner to HIV
October 27, 2017

New Zealand: Does the transmission of HIV still amount to grievous bodily harm? Interview with Jason Myers, AIDS Foundation Director, on the Court of Appeal current deliberation

Is deliberately spreading HIV grievous bodily harm?
October 18, 2017

[Update]New Zealand: Court of Appeal reviews court decision in case of man sentenced for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Infecting lover with HIV might not be ’causing grievous bodily harm’, says lawyer
October 16, 2017

[Update]Switzerland: Man acquitted under new HIV law, because malicious intent could not be proven, is back on trial.

A case of HIV transmission continues to embarrass justice
October 6, 2017

[Update] US: Faced with possible 96 yrs sentence, Michael Johnson accepts plea deal and is sentenced to 10 years for HIV non-disclosure

Michael Johnson bypasses trial, enters no–contest plea and is sentenced to 10 years for not disclosing HIV status to male sexual partners
September 21, 2017
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