US: 28-year-old man arrested Florida for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Man arrested for not telling sex partners about HIV diagnosis
October 18, 2017

France: 54-year-old man in court for alleged HIV transmission could face up to 15 years in jail

Un séropositif devant la justice pour avoir sciemment contaminé sa compagne
October 16, 2017

US: 32 year-old woman faces felony charge for HIV non-disclosure

Tallahassee woman charged with voluntary transmission of HIV
September 27, 2017

US: Man living with HIV charged with aggravated assault in Georgia after biting police officer during arrest

Man tested HIV+ arrested after biting, tasing Columbus police officer
September 26, 2017

Canada: 34 year-old man charged with aggravated sexual assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Man from Barrie charged with aggravated sexual assault in Cornwall
September 25, 2017

[update]US: Ohio’s Supreme Court’s ruling expected on case of man charged with murder for alleged HIV transmission

Man accused of HIV murder may have charges reduced
September 19, 2017

[Update] Canada: Man charged with aggravated sexual assault in British Columbia for alleged HIV non-disclosure faces 9 new charges

Man accused of keeping HIV status from partners facing 9 new charges
September 8, 2017

[Update]New Zealand: 26 year-old man jailed for two-and-a half year for alleged HIV non-disclosure

HIV–positive Johnny Lumsden who had unprotected sex with men jailed
September 8, 2017

US: Montana woman living with HIV charged with criminal endangerment for allegedly biting a security guard

Charges: Billings woman may have infected hospital employee with HIV through bite
September 6, 2017

US: Mississippi man arrested for “knowingly exposing another person to a disease” by spitting at police officer

He made racial and sexual comments. Then he spit and said he had several diseases, cops say.
September 4, 2017
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