US: Louisiana sex worker ‘railroaded’ with “attempted intentional exposure” charge following prostitution arrest

June 21, 2009

A 39-year-old male sex worker has been charged under Louisiana’s HIV exposure law for not disclosing his HIV status to an undercover cop prior to his arrest for prostitution. The details of the case, from the, read like something … More

New Zealand: ‘HIV predator’ is named; seventh complainant adds further charges

June 19, 2009

The man dubbed the ‘HIV predator’ had his name and face splashed all over New Zealand’s media today in what has become the biggest criminal HIV transmission case in NZ history. There are now seven complainants (six men, one woman) … More

Malta: British man accused of rape, HIV transmission

June 10, 2009

A 41 year-old HIV-positive British man has been charged with rape and HIV transmission in Malta, and yet the details of the case do not add up at all. According to the Times of Malta the “incident allegedly happened early … More

US: Is spit now a ‘deadly weapon’ in New Mexico?

June 8, 2009

An HIV-positive man in New Mexico has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after he spat at a police officer, according to a brief report from local TV station, KRQE. Officers responded to a call that [the … More

Canada: Another attempted murder charge for HIV nondisclosure; rally planned in Ottawa

June 5, 2009

A 46 year-old bisexual Toronto man has become the second man in Canada to be charged with attempted murder following allegations that he did not disclose his HIV status before having unprotected sex. According to a Toronto Police Service news … More

New Zealand: ‘HIV predator’ may make legal history

June 3, 2009

A 40 year-old gay man in New Zealand whom the media have named the ‘HIV predator’ (interestly this moniker was created by the gay media and since he currently has interim name suppression, this stigmatising phrase continues to be used … More

US: Young, recently diagnosed gay man in Washington State arrested for HIV exposure

June 2, 2009

A 22 year-old gay man from Spokane, Washington, who was diagnosed HIV-positive in August 2008 has been arrested and charged under Washington’s HIV exposure and transmission law following a complaint from a bisexual married man whom he met on the … More

US: Arkansas high school student arrested for HIV exposure

June 2, 2009

A 17 year-old high school student has been arrested under Arkansas’s HIV disclosure law for having unprotected sex with a fellow student and not disclosing to her that he was HIV-positive. According to the Benton County Daily Record, the teenager, … More

Canada: Gay man charged with attempted murder for HIV non-disclosure

May 11, 2009

In an escalation of the usual charges facing people in Canada for allegedly not disclosing their HIV status before unprotected sex, a 28 year-old Toronto man is now facing attempted murder as well as aggravated assault charges. How do we … More

US: Florida woman accused of HIV exposure

May 9, 2009

A woman from Florida has been arrested (and named and shamed) for not disclosing that she was HIV-positive before having sex with three men. She is charged under Florida’s HIV disclosure law for every time she had sex with the … More

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