US: Michigan dancer charged with HIV exposure

May 1, 2009

A woman working in a Kalamazoo strip club, somewhat ironically named Escape Reality, was arraigned earlier this week and charged under Michigan’s HIV-specific law with “three counts of engaging in sexual penetration without advising the partner that she has been … More

US: Maryland man, previously convicted of HIV exposure, arrested again

May 1, 2009

A 28 year-old Maryland man who previously served a year in prison after pleading guilty to ‘reckless endangerment’ (for HIV exposure) in 2005, is again facing similar charges – seven counts of reckless endangerment and seven counts of “knowingly exposing … More

Germany: Justice Minister says prosecutor handled Nadja Benaissa arrest properly

April 30, 2009

Hessian Minister of Justice, Joerg-Uwe Hahn has dismissed all criticism of the actions of Ger Neuber, the Darmstadt prosecutor who arranged for the public arrest and immediate incarceration of Nadja Benaissa, and then issued a press release. According to the … More

Germany: Nadja Benaissa finally released from custody

April 21, 2009

Nadja Benaissa was released today (Tuesday) after ten days in custody, according to a news report from Der Spiegel. Darmstadt administrative court vice president Albrecht Simon said the court had ordered Benaissa’s release under certain conditions, but did not specify … More

Russia: man from Balabanovo arrested for alleged HIV exposure and drug crimes; police searches for possible victims and questions women he had relationships

Наркоман семь лет специально заражал женщин СПИДом
April 17, 2009

Germany: Complexities of scientific evidence discussed in Spiegel magazine article

April 17, 2009

The plight of Nadja Benaissa, the No Angels singer arrested last week in Frankfurt for alleged criminal HIV exposure and transmission has already resulted in more international media attention on the issues around criminalisation than any other case I’m aware … More

Germany: Media ban ignored, more details emerge in Nadja Benaissa case

April 16, 2009

Update: Nadja Benaissa may soon be out on bail, according to an English-language report in The Local that summarises a story in today’s Stern. Nearly a week after being arrested, the 26-year-old’s lawyer Christian Schertz is talking with the state … More

Germany: Nadja Benaissa’s lawyers win injunction to prevent further media reports

April 15, 2009

Lawyers for No Angels singer, Nadja Benaissa, have sought and won an injunction against Bild, the Berlin-based tabloid that broke the news of her arrest for alleged HIV exposure and transmission, that forbids the paper to run any further stories … More

Germany: Pop star arrested for criminal HIV exposure and transmission

April 14, 2009

Nadja Benaissa, 26, one of the members of Germany’s biggest girl group, No Angels, was arrested in Frankfurt last Saturday, following complaints from three men that she had unprotected sex with them without disclosing that she was HIV-positive. One of … More

New Zealand: African migrant charged with criminal HIV transmission

March 30, 2009

A 34 year-old HIV-positive New Zealand citizen originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo is under investigation following accusations that he did not disclose his HIV status before having unprotected sex with an Aukland woman, who is now HIV-positive. According … More

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