US: Missouri man charged after ‘HIV threats’ during arrest

March 27, 2009

An HIV-positive Missouri man has been charged with “two counts of reckless exposure to HIV” because he “scuffled” with two police officers who were trying to arrest him and shouted at them that he was HIV-positive and “hoped they would … More

US: Illinois man charged with HIV exposure, confused and irresponsible reporting

March 6, 2009

A 37 year-old man from Sterling, Illinois has been charged under the state’s “criminal transmission of HIV” laws, even though “the actual transmission of HIV is not a required element of this crime.” It is alleged he had sex thirteen … More

UK: Man arrested for unprotected sex with several women

March 2, 2009

A 39 year-old man from Bournemouth has been arrested and released on police bail following complaints from several women in Exmouth, East Devon that he did not disclose his HIV status to them before they had consensual unprotected sex. The … More

Canada: Googling results in HIV exposure arrest

March 2, 2009

A former male sex worker who helped other young men get off the Toronto streets, and whose life and work was highlighted in a CBC Radio documentary, has been arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault (for HIV exposure) after … More

Australia: Adelaide man charged with HIV exposure

February 6, 2009

The Australian reports: A 40-YEAR-OLD Adelaide man faces two charges after he allegedly knowingly exposed a woman to HIV. Yesterday detectives from the sexual crime investigation branch charged the man from Findon, in Adelaide’s western suburbs, with two counts of … More

Canada: Another heterosexual migrant charged with HIV exposure

January 8, 2009

An HIV-positive Toronto man has been arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault after it is alleged that he did not disclose his HIV status before having unprotected sex with his female partner. It comes as no surprise to see … More

US: New York man faked HIV test, charged with reckless endangerment

December 10, 2008

A New York City man has been charged under NY’s reckless endangerment laws for having unprotected sex with a woman after he allegedly faked a negative HIV antibody test. The story is all over the New York papers, including The … More

US: Oklahoma woman charged with HIV exposure for biting

October 11, 2008

Another person in the US has been charged under HIV exposure laws for biting. According to the brief story on, biting someone if you are HIV-positive can result in a life sentence. Wrong! Oklahoma Statute § 1192.1 states it … More

US: Iowa man arrested for unprotected sex without disclosure

October 4, 2008

A 34 year-old Iowa man has been arrested under Iowa’s criminal HIV exposure laws for allegedly have unprotected sex with another man without disclosing his HIV-positive status. There was obviously no evidence of HIV transmission before the complaint, since the … More

US: Michigan man accused of HIV exposure, underage sex, tattooing without disclosure

September 12, 2008

A 32 year-old Michigan man has been arrested under the State’s HIV exposure laws, following a complaint from two women. Widespread publicity – including local media publishing his name and photo – and a police ‘fishing expedition’ has unearthed two … More

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