Egypt: Civil Court orders husband to pay compensation to his wife for alleged HIV transmission

Egyptian Woman Receives 1 Million EGP Compensation Over HIV Transmission From Husband
February 25, 2020

[Update] Canada: Man, whose charges for HIV non-disclosure were dropped due to his undetectable viral load, files lawsuit for defamation and negligence

Charges dropped against B.C. man accused of failing to disclose HIV–positive status to partners
August 25, 2019

Chile: Civil Court in Viña del Mar hears case of alleged deliberate HIV transmission

They sue a doctor accused of transmitting HIV intentionally
July 19, 2019

US: Michigan Department of Corrections agrees to amend policies that allowed disproportionate punishment of incarcerated people living with HIV

Michigan Department of Corrections agrees to amend policies that dole out harsher punishments to HIV–positive prisoners
November 16, 2018

Italy: Cagliari man risks up to twelve years in jail for alleged HIV transmission

Contagiò moglie con Aids, a processo
April 1, 2018

Zambia: Woman sues for divorce and asks court for compensation for alleged HIV transmission

Wife pleads for compensation after hubby infects her with HIV
May 9, 2016

China: Doctors and people living with HIV face dilemma over laws requiring pre-marital HIV testing and those covering privacy and disclosure

Lawsuit Highlights China’s HIV Confidentiality Dilemma
February 20, 2016

US: New Jersey man convicted of HIV non-disclosure appeals ‘open ended’ reimbursement of medical and psychological expenses for the two female complainants

Victims of ex–cop who hid his HIV status haunted by anxiety, betrayal
August 21, 2015
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