US: Nushawn Williams loses civil confinement hearing, will either be confined to a secure treatment facility or kept under strict supervision for life

Jury denies Nushawn Williams’ freedom, places him back in state custody
June 28, 2013

US: Male porn actor and LA production company sued by female performer for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Porn Star Sues –– ’Butt Man’ Never Told Me He Was HIV Positive
June 19, 2013

US: Prior to civil confinement hearing, Nushawn Williams’ lawyer claims he does not have HIV under electron microscope, a common denialist tactic to ‘prove’ HIV does not exist

Attorney says NY man at center of 1990s HIV scare is not HIV–positive; seeks client’s release
May 24, 2013

BONELA files class action lawsuit on behalf of Zimbabwean prisoners deprived of HIV treatment in Botswana prisons

HIV Zimbabwean prisoners deprived treatment in Botswana prisons
January 14, 2013

Scottish man receives compensation after acquiring HIV from his civil partner

Man infected with HIV by gay partner wins £22,000 compo payout
December 1, 2012
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