Canada: Carl Leone sued by two women for infecting them with HIV

January 29, 2009

Carl Leone, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison last April in Windsor, Ontario, after being found guilty of infecting five women with HIV and exposing ten further women, is now being sued for C$20 million (£11.2 m) by … More

US: Californian civil liability case begins

October 27, 2008

The ground-breaking civil liability lawsuit between Bridget B. and John B. began two weeks ago in a California courtroom. So far, only these two stories have appeared, suggesting that either the case has been adjourned, or the press have been … More

Australia: Man suing SA for not preventing Stuart McDonald from ‘infecting him with HIV’ complains over costs

July 15, 2008

A man from Melbourne who is suing the South Australian Government for ‘allowing’ Stuart McDonald to ‘infect him with HIV’ is now publicising his problems with the costs of the complaint. His lawyer has now gone public with the fact … More

US: Date set for ground-breaking Californian civil liability case

June 10, 2008

A court date has finally been set in the high-profile ‘Damages-style’ case featuring the California ex-husband and wife who are suing each other for allegedly infecting the other with HIV without disclosing the risks. The case of Bridget B. and … More

US: Further developments in California civil case

January 28, 2008

Further developments in the case of Bridget B and John B in California, whose civil case made headlines in 2006 when the California Supreme Court ruled that “constructive knowledge” of HIV risk meant that a person has a duty to … More

Australia: SA goverment sued for ‘allowing’ Stuart McDonald to infect him with HIV

October 15, 2007

Man sues in HIV caseABC NewsThe South Australian Government is being sued for allegedly failing to prevent a man from being infected with HIV. The young man alleges he was deliberately infected by Stuart McDonald, 39, who has been charged … More

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