[Update]Cambodia: Supreme Court upholds unlicensed medic’s 25 years sentence for allegedly spreading HIV by reusing unsterilised needles

Cambodia’s top court upholds 25–year prison term for doctor who infected people with HIV
October 5, 2019

India: Police investigates complaint by woman alleging her daughter-in-law attempted to kill her son with an HIV infected syringe

Man infected with HIV, mother accuses wife
July 26, 2019

US: Illinois man charged with felony robbery with a dangerous weapon for using needle allegedly infected with HIV in robbery

Man accused of using alleged HIV needle in robbery charged in Naperville crime
November 23, 2016

[Update] Scotland: Dundee woman sentenced to 16 months in jail for “culpably and recklessly” pricking a youngster with needle

HIV positive woman who jabbed boy with needle jailed
November 3, 2016

US: Notorious Richard Schmidt, convicted in 1998 for injecting ex with HIV/HCV, denied parole

Parole denied for man convicted of injecting woman with HIV
June 13, 2015

Uganda: Woman, 65, arrested for allegedly injecting her HIV-positive blood into a two year-old

Woman arrested for injecting baby with HIV infected blood
January 13, 2014

Switzerland: Man who used acupuncture needles to infect 16 people with HIV jailed for 12 years, 9 months

’Healer’ heads to prison for HIV inoculations
March 22, 2013

Swiss man accused of deliberate HIV transmission via acupuncture needles re-arrested for not attending trial

Bern police storm home of accused HIV ’healer’ – The Local
March 18, 2013

Retrial for two Groningen men previously convicted of attempted deliberate infection via injection – Groningen HIV injection retrial opens with lower jail demands
November 16, 2012
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