Canada: Man who threatened mall cops with alleged HIV-infected needle gets eight months jail time

May 15, 2009

A man whose HIV status is unclear was jailed for eight months in Edmonton, Canada, after he pleaded gulty to three counts of assault with a weapon for threatening two shopping mall security guards and a police officer with a … More

Netherlands: ‘Groningen three’ sued for €1 million

February 4, 2009

Somehow, I missed the November verdict of the trial of the three men from the northern Dutch city of Groningen who were on trial for drugging, raping and deliberately injecting HIV-tainted blood into 12 men at private sex parties. According … More

Netherlands: Three men on trial for deliberately injecting HIV into 12 men

October 29, 2008

Three men are on trial in the Dutch city of Groningen accused of deliberately injecting 12 men with HIV during private sex parties. The case has been covered with remarkable restraint by the Dutch media, and I include three reports … More

Australia: Perth man stabbed with syringe unlikely to have HIV

March 12, 2008

So much of the reporting I see on HIV-related ‘crimes’ is shoddy and scare-mongering, so I was pleased to see this follow-up story from ABC News online that highlights how hard it is to be infected with HIV by being … More

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