Canada: Despite accepting there was ‘essentially zero’ risk, fear of HIV acquisition will be taken in account during sentencing of HIV-positive man for ‘brutal rape’

HIV–positive status to factor into Regina rapist’s sentencing, but not criminal charge
July 24, 2017

Zimbabwe: Harare man, 39, acccused of ‘deliberate’ HIV transmission and rape by pregnant ex-girlfriend

ZBC official nabbed for rape, deliberate HIV infection
September 8, 2016

England: No verdict in trial of Somerset man with HIV accused of rape

Jury discharged in Yeovil HIV rape case
August 27, 2016

US: Nushawn Williams loses his latest appeal to be released from civil confinement

Nushawn Williams loses bid to be released from civil confinement
May 9, 2016

South Africa: Man charged with ‘attempted murder’ after allegedly raping his girlfriend after she discovered his antiretroviral drugs

Case of man accused of infecting lover with HIV postponed
March 11, 2015

South Africa: Section 27 lawyers argue that using attempted murder charges for potential HIV exposure during rape does a disservice to rape survivors and to people with HIV

Criminalising HIV transmission stigmatises HIV rather than shows concern for rape
October 14, 2014

US: Oklahoma man gets 15 years, sex offender registration after pleading guilty to ‘HIV exposure’ charges

Pauls Valley man pleads guilty to intentionally spreading HIV
July 17, 2013

Israel: Judge gives ‘severe sentence’ to man with HIV who forced wife to have sex following refusal after learning his HIV status

6 years in jail to HIV carrier who raped his wife
July 14, 2013

Limpopo province to begin implementing 2007 South African law that allows mandatory HIV testing for men suspected of sexual assault

Rapists to have HIV tests | The New Age Online
January 29, 2013
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