US: Padieu gives TV interview, highlights Texan ‘injustice’

June 3, 2009

It wouldn’t happen anywhere else, but three days after Philippe Padieu was sentenced to 45 years in prison after being found guilty of six counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after having unprotected sex without first disclosing his … More

Canada: Man who threatened mall cops with alleged HIV-infected needle gets eight months jail time

May 15, 2009

A man whose HIV status is unclear was jailed for eight months in Edmonton, Canada, after he pleaded gulty to three counts of assault with a weapon for threatening two shopping mall security guards and a police officer with a … More

US: Pennsylvania woman who bit policeman guilty of aggravated assault; faces up to 52 years in prison

May 9, 2009

In stark contrast to the UK biting case reported below, a 29 year-old HIV-positive woman who bit a police officer during her arrest has been convicted of aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person. The trial lasted one day, and … More

Canada: First interview with Johnson Aziga published

May 2, 2009

The first post-verdict interview with Johnson Aziga has been published today in The Hamilton Spectator. Mr Aziga reveals very little, other than he is angry and confused. Oddly, the piece is split into two, unrelated web pages. Part one is … More

US: Excellent Michigan Messenger article on abuse of ineffective HIV disclosure laws

May 2, 2009

Here’s a truly excellent, and sobering, article from the Michigan Messenger – an independently-produced political news daily featuring original and investigative reporting – that spells out in an interview with an African-Amercian man convicted under the state’s HIV exposure law … More

Canada: Johnson Aziga and questions about the virological evidence

April 17, 2009

Here’s an excellent piece analysing flaws in the recent Johnson Aziga trial by Chris Morley, HIV Policy, Information and Publications Coordinator at George House Trust in Manchester, England. He writes this in a personal capacity. He has had first-hand experience … More

Uganda: Editorial says both Aziga and his ‘victims’ were equally reckless

April 15, 2009

An interesting editorial appeared today in Uganda’s New Vision about the use of the criminal law for HIV exposure or transmission in the aftermath of the Johnson Aziga verdict. Mr Aziga was born in Uganda, which is currently debating its … More

Canada: Soul searching over meaning of Aziga murder verdict continues

April 14, 2009

This weekend, some of Canada’s major newspapers ran editorials and commentaries about the broader issue of HIV disclosure prior to sex that may risk transmission. The most enlightened, entitled ‘HIV/AIDS is just one risk of sexual activity’ by Iain Hunter … More

US: Nushawn Williams denied parole

April 9, 2009

Nushawn Williams, whose 1997 arrest in New York State unleashed a wave of media hysteria, and several new HIV-specific laws in the US, has been denied parole again. He was sentenced to between four and twelve years in prison back … More

Canada: More on the Aziga verdict

April 7, 2009

Since the guilty verdict in first ever murder trial for sexual HIV transmission, Canada’s media has been filled with editorials, for the most part welcoming Johnson Aziga’s conviction. For example, Mr Aziga’s local paper, The Hamilton Spectator, whose reporter Barbara … More

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