[Update] USA: Charges dropped against gay Tennessee man charged with ‘criminal exposure to HIV’ for receiving oral sex without disclosure

Nashville Man Charged After HIV Scare
August 1, 2016

Canada: In Nova Scotia, glimmers of hope for science in the prosecution of HIV non-disclosure

June 29, 2016

Analysis by our HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE partner, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. Despite very few prosecutions, Nova Scotia has become an interesting place in Canada with respect to the criminalisation of HIV non-disclosure. In April 2016, a trial judge from … More

USA: Oklahoma City man sentenced to 5 years in prison for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Man accused of sexual relationships without disclosing HIV status sentenced to prison
June 27, 2016

Australia: Zaburoni v Queen legal analysis

June 26, 2016

This analysis is by David Buchanan SC, Barrister at Forbes Chambers, Sydney. It was originally published in LGBT Law Notes and is republished here with his permission. In a case that should reduce the extent of overcharging in HIV criminal … More

Sweden: Court takes viral load and negligible risks of transmission into account and acquit man accused of alleged HIV exposure

Inget brott när HIV–smittad man hade oskyddade samlag – ’försvinnande liten risk’
May 31, 2016

Canada: Nova Scotia court finds condom use alone significantly reduces HIV risk and acquits man on sexual assault charge for HIV non-disclosure to one woman, but convicts him for condomless sex with another – viral load apparently not considered

[Name] convicted after failing to disclose HIV–positive status to woman
May 27, 2016

Russia: Kemerovo District Court finds prisoner guilty of criminal HIV transmission to wife whom he married in the penal colony; sentences him to a further two years

29–летний уголовник умышленно заразил свою жену ВИЧ–инфекцией, за что и поплатился
May 22, 2016

US: Pennsylvania man sentenced to prison for biting security guard, judge considered bite an HIV ‘exposure’ risk

Shoplifter with HIV sentenced for assault
April 22, 2016

Australia: High Court judgement “a significant advance”, says HALC lawyer, Alexandra Stratigos, who represented the defendant

High Court landmark case sets new HIV “transmission with intent” standard
April 8, 2016

Australia: HIV advocates welcome High Court appeal decision related to intent in HIV transmission case; will support future advocacy for prosecutorial guidelines development

Zaburoni v The Queen appeal success
April 6, 2016
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