Botswana: Woman from Zimbabwe faces ‘deliberate HIV transmission’ charge for breastfeeding neighbour’s baby

Zim woman in Botswana court for breastfeeding neighbour’s baby
October 16, 2013

Oklahoma man, 23, accused of ‘knowing’ HIV transmission to two women and a child

KOKH FOX 25 :: Top Stories – Man Charged with Knowingly Spreading HIV in Court
March 13, 2013

Austria: Matthew Weait guest blogs on recent mother-to-child transmission conviction of HIV denialist

July 16, 2010

The recent conviction of Austrian HIV denialist Barbara Seebald for: rejecting taking the prescribed medicine during her pregnancy despite knowing of her HIV infection, giving birth to her child naturally and at home with the help of a midwife who … More

France: Man sentenced to five years for infecting current, former partners and baby

November 16, 2009

A 31 year-old man from Perpignan in south-west France has been found guilty of “transmission of a harmful substance causing permanent disability” and sentenced to five years in prison, although 3½ years of the sentence is suspended. He will also … More

US: Colorado man gets 15 years in first-ever father-to-child transmission case

July 22, 2009

A 34 year-old man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to child abuse charges for not warning his wife nor her doctors that he might have infected his wife with HIV during her pregnancy, resulting … More

US: Colorado man accused of criminal father-to-child HIV transmission

January 9, 2009

In what appears to be the first case of criminal father-to-child transmission to be prosecuted (that I am aware of), a Colorado man has been charged with child abuse resulting in serious injury. It is alleged that, knowing he was … More

US: Florida woman guilty of mother-to-child HIV transmission

October 28, 2008

In what appears to be the first successful case of a criminal prosecution for mother-to-child transmission of HIV in the US (a Canadian woman was prosecuted under similar circumtances in 2006), a Florida woman has been sentenced to two years’ … More

South Africa: HIV-positive father accused of attempted murder for raping son

February 15, 2008

An HIV-positive father is on trial in the South African capital, Pretoria, for the rape and attempted murder of his ten year-old son, according to a report from the South African Press Agency. The charge sheet alleges the father had … More

How could she go on living as if weren’t there [Trailer] (Sweden, 2010)

July 25, 2010

It is 1986. Lillemor is 19 And goes to France. She falls in love there; a love which results in her becoming HIV infected. Lillemor represses the fact that she has a lethal infection. She gets married and has children. … More

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