[Update] Czech Republic: Czech national deported from Thailand sentenced to 11.5 years in prison for alleged HIV transmission

Czech man sent to prison for spreading HIV knowingly
June 23, 2017

Canada: 27 year old Toronto man faces second aggravated sexual assault charge for alleged HIV non-disclosure

New charge laid against Toronto man who police allege did not disclose HIV status
June 21, 2017

US: Prison inmate in Michigan on trial for alleged HIV non-disclosure despite his partner retracting his earlier statement under cross-examination

Trial for inmate who allegedly didn’t tell HIV status before prison sex
June 15, 2017

US: Ohio man living with HIV charged with felonious assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Akron man charged with assault after police say he didn’t share HIV–positive status with woman
June 8, 2017

US: Michigan court sentences woman living with HIV to 14 months in prison for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Gaylord woman sentenced to 14 months in prison after failing to inform partners of HIV status
June 8, 2017

US: Ohio man charged with murder and felonious assault for alleged HIV transmission

Man charged with murder for allegedly infecting woman with HIV
June 6, 2017

Canada: Toronto man faces charge of aggravated assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure and court order to inform his partners about his status and use condoms

Toronto man charged for HIV non–disclosure and faces rare court order to disclose he has the virus
June 3, 2017

UK: Man living with HIV admits simple assault after biting a police officer, however despite media and court acknowledging that HIV could not have been transmitted, his name and photo are published

Man with HIV bit police officer during hotel rampage
May 31, 2017

[Update]New Zealand: Court takes advances in HIV treatment into account but man still sentenced to two years for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Man sentenced after knowingly infecting partner with HIV
May 27, 2017

[Update]US: Indiana man charged for allegedly failing to inform his sexual partners of his HIV status

Man faces drug, malicious mischief charges
May 25, 2017
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