Australia: Lawyer for transgender sex worker on trial for alleged HIV non-disclosure states that she was not informed of her diagnosis

Transgender sex worker ‘not told of HIV diagnosis’
January 15, 2018

Norway: Trans sex worker with HIV deported from Norway after police considered opening criminal proceedings for HIV exposure

Refser politiet etter bortvisning av HIV–positiv prostituert mann
December 13, 2017

Malawi: Police officers urged to stop criminalising sex-workers due to their HIV status

Malawi law enforcers urged to desist from criminalizing sex–workers over HIV/AIDS status
December 4, 2017

US: Woman living with HIV arrested in Oklahoma for sex work and “intending to transfer HIV”

Woman accused of intending to transfer HIV during Broken Arrow prostitution bust
November 22, 2017

Korea: 26 year-old sex worker arrested for allegedly exposing her customers to HIV

Busan case triggers nationwide AIDS panic
October 31, 2017

US: Man charged with felony in Kentucky for engaging in sex work and living with HIV

HIV–positive man charged with prostitution
August 4, 2017

Belgium: Brussels male sex worker gets 18 months for ‘attempted poisoning’ after disclosing his HIV status to a client who then obtained PEP following a single episode of condomless sex

18 mois requis pour tentative d’empoisonnement par le VIH
March 29, 2017

Nigeria: Sex worker in Zamfara State hunted by police following rumours about alleged HIV transmission

Prostitute infects 500 men with HIV in Zamfara
January 22, 2017

Turkey: Azerbaijani female sex worker arrested in Van province, accused of exposing 200 male clients to HIV

Задержана азербайджанская проститутка, заразившая 200 мужчин СПИДом
January 6, 2017

Greece: Athens court exonerate 11 HIV positive women who had been arrested and exposed publicly in 2012 in a notorious HIV-criminalisation case

HIV positive women finally acquitted of charges
December 16, 2016
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