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Australia: Man gets 4 1/2 years for impossible HIV transmission

December 16, 2009

Update: December 16thWepukhulu Zebtek was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison by Judge Allan Fenbury who “said the sentence would deter other carriers of the HIV virus from not informing their sexual partners”. Mr Zebtek will be eligible for parole … More

Australia: Perth man stabbed with syringe unlikely to have HIV

March 12, 2008

So much of the reporting I see on HIV-related ‘crimes’ is shoddy and scare-mongering, so I was pleased to see this follow-up story from ABC News online that highlights how hard it is to be infected with HIV by being … More

Australia: Western Australia proposes new public health laws to detain HIV-positive people who ‘put others at risk’

February 24, 2008

A proposed change to Public Health law in the State of Western Australia would allow people with HIV to be detained and forced to undergo medical treatment. WA’s Public Health executive director, Tarun Weeramanthri, used recent concerns over a sex … More

Australia: Perth man released on bail

January 8, 2008

A major update on the case of Wepukhulu Zebtek reported on Monday. His new lawyer has successfully argued that since the woman tested HIV-positive three days following the alleged rape, his client could not have infected the woman. Zebtek is … More

Australia: Perth man charged with criminal HIV transmission, rape

January 7, 2008

A Perth man, Wepukulu Zebtec, has been charged with ‘aggravated sexual penetration’ after allegedly raping a woman and apparently infecting her with HIV. “The court was also told that the woman went to Royal Perth Hospital three days after the … More

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