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U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Vacates HIV Aggravated Assault and Reckless Endangerment charges in Case of LTC Kenneth Pinkela (Press Release)

April 24, 2015

Press Release from The Sero Project Ken Pinkela serves as a member of Sero’s Advisory Board. New York, NY April 24, 2015: The United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF) has vacated HIV-related Aggravated Assault and Reckless … More

US: Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces acknowledges per-act sexual HIV exposure risk, limiting future military prosecutions for HIV non-disclosure as aggravated assault

February 25, 2015

The US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF) has reversed the 2011 aggravated assault conviction (upheld by the US Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals in 2013) of Airman David Gutierrez for potentially exposing a number of sex … More

US: Military court sends Naval officer to prison for unprotected sex with disclosure

October 7, 2009

A US military court has sentenced a 37-year-old HIV-positive Naval officer to three months’ in military prison after he pleaded guilty to having unprotected sex with disclosure with two women. The man, an aviation electronics technician who had been in … More

US: Military court discusses viral load and HIV exposure

May 20, 2008

The issue of whether someone with an undetectable viral load can be guilty of HIV exposure has been discussed in a US court for the first time – the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. In this extremely … More

US: HIV-positive Navy chaplain pleads guilty to HIV exposure and other charges (updated)

December 6, 2007

HIV+ navy priest gets two years for sex crimes7th December 2007 17:10Antonio Fabrizio, Pink News A Catholic Navy chaplain was sentenced to two years in jail on Thursday for forcible sodomy and failing to tell his sex partner that he … More

US: North Carolina soldier pleads guilty to reckless HIV transmission; sentenced to 40 months

November 1, 2007

Soldier Pleads Guilty to Passing HIV Infection Posted: Nov. 1, 2007 Fort Bragg —A soldier pleaded guilty Thursday during a court-martial to knowingly infecting a 17-year-old boy with HIV. Pfc. Johnny Lamar Dalton, 25, a member of the 82nd Airborne … More

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