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US: Wisconsin ‘HIV exposure’ teen interviewed on TV from jail

April 26, 2008

It couldn’t happen in the UK, but amazingly, the 18 year-old man accused of HIV exposure was interviewed for local TV from his prison cell. In my previous posting I had been under the impression that he had been released … More

US: Wisconsin teen charged with HIV exposure

April 23, 2008

The 18 year-old man who was being investigated by police for HIV exposure after his aunt told his former girlfriends he was HIV-positive, has now been charged with ‘second-degree recklessly endangering safety’, which could result in up to 10 years … More

US: Teenage Wisconsin student investigated for HIV exposure

April 14, 2008

An 18 year-old Wisconsin high school student is being investigated for criminal HIV exposure after his aunt – with whom he had been living for six months, but to whom he had not disclosed his HIV status until he moved … More

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