The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


US: Kansas man already convicted of HIV exposure in one county convicted again

December 3, 2007

Conviction is second for HIV exposure J-W Staff Reports November 29, 2007 Emporia — An HIV-infected man already convicted in Douglas County of knowingly exposing women to the virus has been convicted in a second county. A judge found Robert … More

Botswana: Lawyer on trial for sexual HIV exposure

December 3, 2007

HIV/AIDs infection case resumesGABORONE- A case in which a state lawyer is accused of spreading HIV to another person resumed at the village magistrate court with the complainant giving evidence. According to the charge sheet, on July 7, at Ledumadumane … More

Ukraine: Outrage as man from Slavyansk is sentenced to two years in prison for HIV non-disclosure at medical facility; case initiated by doctors

ВИЧ–инфицирован? За решетку!
November 28, 2007

US: Iowa woman receives probation after pleading guilty to criminal HIV transmission

November 27, 2007

A woman who had previously pleaded not guilty to criminal HIV transmission charges changed her plea to guilty in return for a suspended 25 year prison sentence and four years’ probation, during which time she is not allowed to have … More

Canada: Winnipeg HIV exposure/transmission trial halted

November 26, 2007

Last week, Canadian media reported on the trial of an HIV-positive man accused of aggravated sexual assault following complaints from three women that he did not disclose his HIV status to them before sex: one woman claims to have been … More

Canada: Gay man guilty of aggravated assault for HIV exposure

November 21, 2007

See also this earlier story about the case: HIV carrier guilty of sexual assault By Jane Sims An HIV-positive man, who believed he was the Messiah and had “sweated out” his illness, was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault yesterday. … More

Russia: Sverdlovsk regional court sentenced a woman to 4,5 years in prison for HIV non-disclosure and perceived transmission to three man

Женщина умышленно заразила ВИЧ троих мужчин
November 20, 2007

Sweden: British man guilty on two counts of HIV transmission

November 19, 2007

HIV Brit found guilty of infecting girls Published: 15th November 2007 12:38 CETA British citizen with HIV has been convicted of serious assault after having unprotected sex with 16 young girls, two of whom contracted the virus. Merrill Christer Aggett, … More

US: Attempted murder charges dropped for HIV-positive Kentucky woman who bit shopkeeper during robbery

November 12, 2007

Interesting story about an HIV-positive woman who bit a shopkeeper during a robbery whilst declaring she had “AIDS”. Although she was initially charged by police with attempted murder, these charges were dropped during her arraignment. Interesting also that the journalist … More

US: Missouri man charged with HIV exposure

November 12, 2007

Man charged with exposing woman to HIV Posted on on Sat, Nov. 10, 2007 07:59 PM Kansas City police charged a man Saturday with knowingly exposing a woman to HIV. Calvin Williams, 33, allegedly first spoke to the 37-year-old … More

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