The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


US: Charges of alleged HIV non-disclosure dismissed for the second time in Michigan against ‘undetectable’ transgender woman

HIV Exposure Charges Dropped Against ‘Undetectable’ Transgender Woman for Second Time
October 3, 2019

[Update]UK: 60-year-old man pleads not guilty to three offences of inflicting grievous bodily harm for alleged HIV transmission

Man ’recklessly infected three women with HIV
October 2, 2019

US: 29-year-old man on treatment charged with alleged HIV-exposure in Tennessee

Nashville man charged with knowingly exposing pregnant woman to HIV
September 25, 2019

US: Male sex worker charged for alleged HIV non-disclosure in Michigan

Prostitute didn’t disclose HIV/AIDS status before motel sex, police say
September 24, 2019

[Update] US: Maryland man living with HIV pleads no contest to ‘knowingly attempting to transfer HIV’

Frederick Man Enters Alford Plea To Knowingly Transferring HIV To 3 Women
September 13, 2019

Singapore: Court sentences Malaysian man to 42 months in jail for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Malaysian man pleads guilty, sentenced to 42 months jail for lying about HIV test, potentially infecting up to six victims
September 6, 2019

Tajikistan: Two women each sentenced to jail for alleged HIV exposure in Sughd region

Two Tajik women sentenced to jail for HIV infection
September 5, 2019

[Update]Uganda: High Court overturns ruling that sentenced a woman to two years in jail for allegedly injecting a baby with HIV

Gulu court overturns ruling of woman accused of injecting baby with HIV blood
August 30, 2019

Russia: Criminal case initiated against woman living with HIV who gave blood

In Leningrad region, the court will consider the case of a donor with HIV
August 29, 2019

Russia: Woman living with HIV on trial for breastfeeding her baby and at risk of losing custody

HIV–infected mother tried for breastfeeding in St. Petersburg
August 29, 2019
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