The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


UK: Southport man who spat at and attempted to bite cops whilst threatening to infect them with HIV is jailed for 16 weeks; intent to infect was an aggravating factor said judge

HIV positive man tried to infect police officers with virus, court told
June 8, 2015

Canada: Winnipeg man receives close to maximum prison sentence for attempted aggravated assault for spitting “bloody” saliva on a cop following Superior court appeal

HIV ’ambush’ nets 6 1/2–year term
December 16, 2014

Australia: Western Australian police can now force people who spit at or bite cops to undergo HIV and hepatitis B/C testing to “ease concern”

Police biters to face blood tests
October 28, 2014

US: Mississippi man who spat at a cop during arrest charged under unscientific state HIV exposure law

Man accused of exposing Gulfport police officer to HIV
February 6, 2014

US: Ohio local TV news claims that man who spit on hospital worker was using HIV “as a weapon”

Man uses HIV/AIDS as a weapon in attack
January 20, 2014

Canada: Manitoba Court of Appeal overturns scientifically-informed ruling, instead finding an HIV-positive man who had a low viral load guilty of aggravated assault for spitting at a police officer

Victory seen in case of HIV–positive man who spat at cop
October 29, 2013

US: Georgia man with HIV having treatment for seizures charged with ‘criminal exposure to HIV’ for spitting on hospital worker

Man With HIV Arrested After He Spits On Hospital Worker
June 28, 2013

US: Texas man who spat on cops during arrest charged with aggravated assault because his saliva is considered a ‘deadly weapon’

HIV–Positive Man Charged with Aggravated Assault for Spitting on Police Officers
June 1, 2013

US: Georgia man arrested, charged with ‘reckless conduct’ and ‘simple assault by an HIV infected person on an officer’ for spitting during arrest

WEIS Radio | The Voice of Cherokee County | Local & Area News, Sports, & Weather ’ HIV Infected Man Spits At Police Officer During Scuffle
May 28, 2013
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