The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


Canada: Man charged under British Columbia’s Public Health Act for allegedly refusing to comply with orders for HIV treatment

Vancouver man charged with ignoring medical health officer’s orders for HIV treatment
August 25, 2018

US: Man living with HIV in Oklahoma charged with “knowingly transmitting HIV” after having a sexual encounter and allegedly not disclosing his status

Muskogee man charged with knowingly transmitting HIV
August 21, 2018

Russia: 34-year-old sentenced to 20 months in jail for alleged HIV transmission

Гайчанина осудили за заражение ВИЧ
August 18, 2018

Australia: Queensland police upgrades charges against man accused of spitting at security guard because of suggested HIV

Man’s spitting assault charges upgraded because he said he has HIV
August 7, 2018

Singapore: 29-year-old man living with HIV sentenced to 2 years for HIV non-disclosure

Man jailed for not telling partner about his HIV status
August 2, 2018

[Update]Ireland: 28-year-old African migrant found guilty of ‘intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm’ sentenced to ten years

Man sentenced to ten years for infecting women with HIV
July 27, 2018

US: Alabama man charged with assault with bodily fluids for spitting on healthcare worker

HIV Positive Patient Lands in Court for Spitting on Nurse Treating Him
July 20, 2018

US: 26-year old man arrested for alleged HIV non-disclosure in Florida

REPORT: Court date set for man arrested for having sex without disclosing HIV status
July 20, 2018
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