The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


India: 8 members of a family charged for allegedly conducting the marriage of a man by concealing his HIV status

Man conceals HIV status during marriage; 8 booked
July 22, 2019

Chile: Civil Court in Viña del Mar hears case of alleged deliberate HIV transmission

They sue a doctor accused of transmitting HIV intentionally
July 19, 2019

US: Oklahoma police issues arrest warrant for 24-year-old man accused of alleged HIV exposure

Man accused of knowingly giving HIV to girlfriend
July 16, 2019

Russia: 27-year-old man sentenced to 5 years in high security prison for allegedly transmitting HIV to minor

A resident of the NAO received five years in prison for infecting a teenager with HIV
July 13, 2019

Russia: 31-year-old man living with HIV in Kamchatka arrested for threatening to infect a police officer

HIV–infected resident of Kamchatka will go on trial for threatening to infect a policeman
July 13, 2019

US: Man arrested for alleged HIV exposure in Tennessee

Knoxville man arrested for criminal HIV exposure
July 11, 2019

[Update] US: Michael Johnson set free after spending 5 years in prison

BREAKING: Michael Johnson Has Been Set Free
July 9, 2019

[Update]Russia: Trial of man accused of alleged ‘deliberate HIV infection’ postponed until August

Мужчина, заразивший женщину ВИЧ в Карелии, не явился в суд
July 5, 2019
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