The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


Zimbabwe: 43-year-old man faces charge of HIV transmission following his wife positive test result

HIV infection row pits wife versus husband
December 22, 2017

US: 37-year-old man arrested in Louisiana for “intentional exposure to HIV”

Harvey man booked with intentional AIDS exposure
December 22, 2017

US: Man arrested in Arkansas for alleged HIV exposure

Man accused of exposing woman to HIV, Little Rock police say
December 17, 2017

[Update]US: Additional 18 months sentence for Indiana man already incarcerated for other alleged HIV non-disclosure charges

Man with HIV gets 18 months for not telling sex partners
December 15, 2017

[Update] US: Man charged with alleged HIV-exposure in Tennessee faces third charge

Man faces third charge of exposure to HIV
December 15, 2017

Estonia: Individuals should take responsibility for their own health and protect themselves rather than expect people living with HIV to disclose before having sex

Нелли Каликова: заразивший ВИЧ женщину мужчина виноват лишь на 50%
December 14, 2017

Norway: Trans sex worker with HIV deported from Norway after police considered opening criminal proceedings for HIV exposure

Refser politiet etter bortvisning av HIV–positiv prostituert mann
December 13, 2017

US: 42-year-old man arrested in Florida for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Man accused of failing to inform partner of HIV status
December 9, 2017

[Update] Czech Republic: Sentence reduced from 11.5 years to 9 years for Czech national deported from Thailand for alleged HIV transmission

Court softens two sentences for potential spreading of HIV
December 7, 2017

Malawi: Police officers urged to stop criminalising sex-workers due to their HIV status

Malawi law enforcers urged to desist from criminalizing sex–workers over HIV/AIDS status
December 4, 2017
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