The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


Canada: Halifax man on trial for HIV exposure

May 7, 2008

A 36 year-old man is on trial before a judge in a Halifax, Nova Scotia courtroom accused of HIV exposure (aggravated sexual assault). The judge will have to decide whether to believe him or his 37 year-old ex-girlfriend, who is … More

Canada: Montreal domestic violence victim guilty of HIV exposure

May 3, 2008

If ever there were a case to show how HIV exposure laws can potentially criminalise all HIV-positive people, then this extremely disturbing story from Montreal is it. The story has made national headlines (the article below is from the CBC … More

US: Arkansas man gets 12 years for HIV exposure; faces up to 30

May 2, 2008

A 33 year-old Arkansas man who pleaded guilty to HIV exposure has been sentenced to 12 years in prison…and faces similar charges in another Arkansas county. This is totally outrageous! I’m so appalled that anyone can be sent to prison … More

Finland: Young man found guilty of multiple counts of HIV transmission and exposure

April 29, 2008

A 25 year-old Finnish man has been found guilty of five counts of criminal HIV transmission and 14 counts of HIV exposure. Aki Hakkarainen was arrested in October 2007 after a number of women had complained to the police. He … More

US: Wisconsin ‘HIV exposure’ teen interviewed on TV from jail

April 26, 2008

It couldn’t happen in the UK, but amazingly, the 18 year-old man accused of HIV exposure was interviewed for local TV from his prison cell. In my previous posting I had been under the impression that he had been released … More

Canada: Judge in Trevis Smith case was prejudiced claims appeal

April 26, 2008

The lawyer for Trevis Smith – the professional Canadian football linebacker sentenced to five and half years’ jail in February 2007 for HIV exposure (aggravated sexual assault) – is appealing for a new trial in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. … More

UK: Refugee with ‘suspected’ HIV jailed for ‘biting’ cop

April 26, 2008

A Zimbabwean refugee was jailed for two months last week after pleading guilty to assaulting a police officer, drink-driving and driving with no licence or insurance. That in itself is nothing remarkable. What is remarkble, however, is the hysteria surrounding … More

US: Wisconsin teen charged with HIV exposure

April 23, 2008

The 18 year-old man who was being investigated by police for HIV exposure after his aunt told his former girlfriends he was HIV-positive, has now been charged with ‘second-degree recklessly endangering safety’, which could result in up to 10 years … More

US: Medical records released to prosecutors in Pennsylvania spitting case

April 21, 2008

The medical records of an alleged HIV-positive prisoner who spat at a guard in 2006 have been ordered to be released to prosecutors who want to prove the man was HIV-positive and knew his HIV status when the incident occurred, … More

Canada: Owen Antoine sentenced to five years following one-night stand

April 15, 2008

Owen Antoine, who was previously found guilty of aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, and criminal negligence causing bodily harm, following a one-night stand with a woman he met in an Ontario bar, has been sentenced to five years in prison … More

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