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UNAIDS: Edwin Cameron on criminal HIV transmission

November 12, 2007

UNDP and UNAIDS Secretariat Consultation on criminalization of HIV transmission, Geneva 31 October – 2 November 2007Opening remarks on 2 November and recap of previous day (1 November 2007) by Edwin Cameron, Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa The … More

Editorial: The Transmission of HIV and the Criminal Law

November 7, 2007

THE TRANSMISSION OF HIV AND THE CRIMINAL LAWEditorial by Matthew Groves in Criminal Law Journal (Australia)(2007) 31 Crim LJ 137There has recently been considerable publicity about the criminal law and the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). In South Australia, … More

UNAIDS: Is HIV transmission a crime?

November 7, 2007

Is HIV transmission a crime? UNAIDS – November 6, 2007 Several countries have recently introduced laws to criminalise HIV transmission, or exposing another person to the virus. A number of jurisdictions have used general laws against serious bodily harm in … More

India: Delhi judge allows man to divorce wife because she is HIV-positive

November 2, 2007

Court allows ‘HIV’ divorce In the first case of its kind, a Delhi court granted divorce to a man because he could not have sexual intercourse with his HIV-positive wife. Additional district judge Rajnish Bhatnagar allowed the divorce petition filed … More

Botswana: MPs consider criminalising HIV transmission

October 16, 2007

Criminalising HIV transmission sparks debate LOBATSE – The issue of criminalising intentional transmission of HIV received mixed reaction from residents of Lobatse and surrounding areas. While some accepted the idea of making intentional spread the disease a criminal offence, others … More

Sweden: ‘The Sun’ on UK man charged with criminal HIV transmission

October 6, 2007

Brit hit with HIV sex rap Published: 06 Oct 2007 A BRITISH sex beast was last night charged in Sweden with infecting two women with HIV and putting 14 more at risk. Christer Merrill Aggett, 32, met the women on … More

Singapore: Criminal HIV transmission laws proposed

September 30, 2007,4136,143384,00.html I may have HIV। Will you still sleep with me? Under proposed changes to law, those at risk must disclose sex history to partner TELL the truth, says a new legal proposal that seeks to put the onus on … More

Editorial: HIV forensics in the BMJ

September 19, 2007 HIV sequences cannot prove guilt 19 September 2007 People infected with HIV might well want to know who gave it to them – but the genetic sequence of their virus won’t tell them. The virus is now routinely sequenced … More

UK: HIV-positive asylum seeker found not guilty of rape

September 8, 2007 Rape case asylum seeker has to stay 3:54pm Saturday 8th September 2007 An HIV-positive asylum seeker, who was cleared of rape after having unprotected sex with a woman at her flat, cannot be returned to his home country because … More

Africa’s HIV transmission laws based on questionable science

August 31, 2007

Africa’s HIV transmission laws based on questionable scienceby Cassandra Willyard, New York Nature Medicine 13, 890 (2007)Published online: 31 August 2007 Faced with an AIDS epidemic that kills millions every year, countries in sub-Saharan Africa are contemplating a new prevention … More

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