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Australia: Federal goverment plans HIV genotype database to ‘trace reckless infections’

April 28, 2007

‘The Age’ reports on the HIV Epidemiology Project which may be used to trace people who criminally transmit HIV. Full report below: Plan to genetically trace reckless HIV infections Julia MedewApril 28, 2007 People who have recklessly or deliberately infected … More

China: Government announces plan to prosecute ‘deliberate’ HIV transmission

December 6, 2006

China to prosecute deliberate AIDS infections BEIJING, Dec 6 (Reuters) – China will prosecute people who deliberately infect others with HIV, state media said on Wednesday. “Those who know they are infected with AIDS or are sick with AIDS and … More

HIV crimes – lawyers’ views

September 19, 2006

HIV crimes – lawyers’ views BBC News – September 19, 2006Michelle Roberts, Health reporter Two lawyers who have defended men accused of recklessly transmitting HIV share their views and experience regarding HIV prosecutions. Kharrim Arif, a solicitor in London, was … More

Canada: How HIV can turn you into a criminal

June 9, 2005

How HIV can turn you into a criminal HEALTH & LAW / Confess, confess & consent Shaun Proulx / Xtra / Thursday, June 09, 2005 Like it or not, there’s such a thing as HIV assault. That means that if … More

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