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China: Government announces plan to prosecute ‘deliberate’ HIV transmission

December 6, 2006

China to prosecute deliberate AIDS infections BEIJING, Dec 6 (Reuters) – China will prosecute people who deliberately infect others with HIV, state media said on Wednesday. “Those who know they are infected with AIDS or are sick with AIDS and … More

HIV crimes – lawyers’ views

September 19, 2006

HIV crimes – lawyers’ views BBC News – September 19, 2006Michelle Roberts, Health reporter Two lawyers who have defended men accused of recklessly transmitting HIV share their views and experience regarding HIV prosecutions. Kharrim Arif, a solicitor in London, was … More

Canada: How HIV can turn you into a criminal

June 9, 2005

How HIV can turn you into a criminal HEALTH & LAW / Confess, confess & consent Shaun Proulx / Xtra / Thursday, June 09, 2005 Like it or not, there’s such a thing as HIV assault. That means that if … More

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