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HIV Criminalization – An Epidemic Of Ignorance? Press Conference at AIDS 2012 (Press Release)

July 24, 2012

For Immediate Release ****MEDIA ADVISORY**** Press Conference: 10am, Wednesday 25th July, Press Conference Room 2 HIV Criminalization – An Epidemic Of Ignorance? Laws and prosecutions that single out people with living with HIV are ineffective, counterproductive and unjust. As delegates … More

Dominican Republic: Urge President Fernández to repeal HIV criminalisation laws

June 22, 2012

A campaign to request the urgent modification of two HIV-specific criminal statutes in the Dominican Republic has gone viral. I first became aware of the campaign via Twitter (in Spanish) and now ITPC (the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition) has circulated … More

Norway: First gay man to be prosecuted goes public, makes a real difference (corrected)

April 27, 2012

Correction: Louis Gay tells me that he is not the first gay man to be prosecuted in Norway. I am the first one to be prosecuted for practicing “safer sex” (oral sex, only. with no condom and no contact with … More

International civil society experts launch the Oslo Declaration on HIV Criminalisation

February 22, 2012

A group of 20 expert individuals and organisations from civil society around the world working to end inappropriate criminal prosecutions for HIV non-disclosure, potential exposure and non-intentional transmission from around the world came together in Oslo, Norway on 13 February … More

Canada: Urgent sign on statement – ask Supreme Court to stop inappropriate criminalisation of people with HIV

January 25, 2012

On February 8, 2012, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear two landmark cases on the issue of criminalisation of HIV non-disclosure in R v. Mabior and R v. DC. The Court’s decisions in these two appeal cases will have … More

Sweden: Campaign to change draconian, punitive policies for PLHIV aiming for Government review

December 11, 2011

In Sweden, the Communicable Diseases Act requires people with diagnosed HIV to disclose in any situation where someone might be placed at risk and to also practise safer sex (which, in Sweden, means using condoms – the impact of treatment … More

‘HIV is not a crime’ by Sean Strub

December 9, 2011

Regular readers may be familiar with the case of Nick Rhoades from Iowa, who was arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to 25 years in prison because he didn’t disclose he was HIV-positive during a one-night stand with another man, despite using … More

Canada: Urgent – support the call for prosecutorial guidelines in Ontario

November 23, 2011

Canada is facing its most critical point in the history of criminalisation of HIV non-disclosure since the Supreme Court’s 1998 Cuerrier decision which found that not disclosing a known HIV-positive status prior to sex that poses a “significant risk” of … More

Denmark: HIV to be removed from Article 252, but new statute wording may re-criminalise non-disclosure without “suitable protection”

November 10, 2011

Denmark’s new Minister of Justice Morten Bødskov is now taking formal steps to remove references to HIV from Article 252 of the Danish Penal Code which means that, for the time-being, HIV exposure and transmission is decriminalised. The news was … More

US: Positive Justice Project Members Endorse REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act

September 23, 2011

Press Release New York, September 23, 2011 – Members of the Positive Justice Project, a national coalition dedicated to ending the targeting of people with HIV for unreasonable criminal prosecution, voiced their support for the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act that … More

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