[Update]US: Michigan man gets five years for HIV non-disclosure, judge says ‘joke’ about semen in sandwiches like “shouting fire in a crowded theatre”


Judge finds no humor in 'joke' when sentencing man convicted of not telling partners about HIV status

June 19, 2013
Source: M Live

Whether it was a joke or not, telling fellow Kent County Jail inmates he had put semen on their sandwiches did not help JM when he was sentenced for the crime of failing to inform partners of his HIV-positive status. M was sentenced in Kent County Circuit Court on Monday to a minimum of five years in prison after being found guilty in May of using computers to commit a crime and two counts of failing to inform a sexual partner.

M met with a man minutes after the two began to chat on Adam4Adam.com, a gay dating website, and when they had sex in August 2012, he did not tell the man he was HIV positive. The victim did not contract the HIV virus.

While he was awaiting sentencing, several inmates reported that M had told them that he had put his semen on their sandwiches, which resulted in several men being tested for the virus, according to court records. Defense attorney Christine Yared said the accusations stemmed from nothing more than typical jailhouse smack talk and that the accusers were seeking attention from the news media. “My client is getting punished for what is a joke,” Yared said June 17 before Judge James Robert Redford.

She said the accusations were trumped up by the media and other people who like to make trouble for M because he is gay. She said jail officials thought of it as nothing more than a joke.

Redford said M’s behavior was like shouting fire in a crowded theater and caused enough concern for some inmates to request testing. Redford also pointed out that M violated his probation by visiting a gay dating website.


Allegations Of HIV Tainted Food At Jail

May 22, 2013
Source: FOX17online.com

JM the man already convicted of two counts of exposing his sexual partner to HIV without disclosing his status is making news again. This time, possibly exposing other inmates. A man who shares a jail floor with M said he was giving away special food he’d been given for medical reasons to as many as four to five men, possibly tainted with his body fluids.

Robert Bailey is in the Kent County Jail on a misdemeanor charge awaiting sentencing. He was told about two days ago he may have eaten a sandwich that was tainted by fellow inmate, JM. “He made a statement to somebody here, saying he had put seminal fluid inside the sandwiches to intentionally infect us with HIV,” said Bailey.

M was recently convicted of intentionally not disclosing his HIV status to a sex partner and using a computer to commit a crime. While he was awaiting that trial, FOX 17 caught him violating bond by soliciting sex without mentioning his status on the gay website Adam4Adam.com. His history makes the other inmates nervous about the accusations. Bailey said corrections officers told him and four to five others that they should be tested for HIV, Hepatitis C, syphilis and gonorrhea.


Man convicted for not disclosing HIV

May 9, 2013
Source: Wood Tv

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) – A Plainfield Township man has been convicted of failing to disclose his HIV-positive status to a sex partner. JM was found guilty on Wednesday on two counts of having sex with an uninformed partner and one count of using a computer to commit a crime in 17th Circuit Court.


Suspect in Court for Allegedly Exposing Unknowing Man to HIV

September 3, 2012
Source: Fox TV

A West Michigan man is accused of knowingly exposing another man to HIVafter meeting him online. JM is being charged with having sex with an uninformed partner. Wednesday afternoon, a probable cause hearing was held for the case. The man who testified said he was on a website called adam4adam.com looking for another man for sex.