[update]Paraguay: One case provisionally dismissed against man facing 9 charges of alleged HIV transmission

Sobreseen a abogado que transmitió VIH a mujeres
May 17, 2018

[Update]UK: 26 year-old man sentenced to life for grievous bodily harm with intent for HIV transmission and exposure given another eight years for similar offences in Scotland

Daryll Rowe jailed for deliberately trying to spread HIV in Scotland
May 5, 2018

US: Trans woman arrested for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Woman charged with knowingly transmitting HIV
April 17, 2018

Zimbabwe: 25-year-old woman arrested for allegedly transmitting HIV to her husband

Woman arrested for ‘infecting’ hubby with HIV
April 17, 2018

US: Man sentenced to eight years in jail in North Dakota for alleged HIV transmission

ND man gets 8 years in prison for spreading HIV
April 11, 2018

Italy: Cagliari man risks up to twelve years in jail for alleged HIV transmission

Contagiò moglie con Aids, a processo
April 1, 2018

Thailand: Swiss citizen to be extradited to his homeland to face HIV transmission charge

Swiss man to be extradited to face HIV transmission charges
March 31, 2018

US: 22-year-old woman arrested and charged with “criminal transmission of HIV” in Florida

Panama City woman accused of giving minor HIV
March 29, 2018

Australia: Man charged for alleged HIV transmission in New South Wales

Man charged after claim he knowingly infected woman with HIV
March 23, 2018

Zimbabwe: 28-year-old woman arrested and charged for alleged HIV transmission

Woman up for infecting husband with HIV
March 21, 2018
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