Kenya: 29-year old woman arrested and charged with alleged intentional transmission for breastfeeding a baby

HIV–positive woman, 29, denies infecting baby by breastfeeding
September 26, 2018

[Update] Australia: Gay man jailed for a maximum term of four years and six months for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Man jailed for infecting lover with HIV
September 26, 2018

UK: 23-year-old man of Ghanaian background found guilty of reckless grievous bodily harm, sentenced to five years for alleged HIV transmission to two young women

Man jailed for lying to girlfriends and knowingly infecting them with HIV
September 24, 2018

France: 63-year-old man sentenced to three years in jail for alleged HIV transmission

Perpignan: Trois ans de prison pour avoir transmis volontairement le virus du Sida à sa compagne
September 20, 2018

Russia: 40-year-old man sentenced in Krasnoyarsk to two years and six months on probation for alleged HIV transmission

Красноярец не сказал жене о ВИЧ–инфекции и заразил ее. Получил условный срок
September 14, 2018

US: Arkansas’ HIV criminalisation case highlights the lack of understanding around the current realities of HIV transmission and care

After Hook–Up and Friendship, Arkansas Men Pitted Against Each Other in HIV Criminalization Trial
September 6, 2018

US: Man living with HIV in Oklahoma charged with “knowingly transmitting HIV” after having a sexual encounter and allegedly not disclosing his status

Muskogee man charged with knowingly transmitting HIV
August 21, 2018

Russia: 34-year-old sentenced to 20 months in jail for alleged HIV transmission

Гайчанина осудили за заражение ВИЧ
August 18, 2018

[Update] UK: Lancashire man returns to court for 2nd charge of alleged HIV transmission

Lancashire man pleads guilty to infecting two women with HIV
August 15, 2018
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