Our Funders

We strive for best practice in all we do, and raise funds in accordance with our vision, mission, our organisational guiding principles and the following:

  • We are independent of any individual funder’s agendas – whether that be governmental, corporate, or organisational – and our fundraising and advocacy activities will always respect and protect that independence.
  • We will ensure that projects for which we raise funds reflect our mission, organisational principles, and strategic priorities, so that neither the funding opportunities we pursue nor the requirements of funders, will deflect us from our strategic objectives.
  • We recognise that although our funders may share some of our values, they may not agree with everything we say or do. We will not allow any funding relationship with a government, corporation, organisation or individual to constrain us from criticising them or from exposing any human rights violations for which they may be responsible.
  • We understand that accepting funding from any source comes with potential risks. Before considering whether to accept funding we will undertake a risk assessment analysis on a case-by-case basis led by the Executive Director in close consultation with the Supervisory Board to ensure minimal risk and maximum benefit.
  • We will behave with integrity in all our fundraising activities, ensuring we undertake all due diligence to comply with our organisational and fundraising principles, and that these activities also comply with regulations and legislation in the Netherlands and other applicable jurisdictions.
  • We are accountable to our members, partners, and the wider HIV Justice movement, and will fundraise with transparency. If we get things wrong, we will be open about our mistakes and take swift action to fix them.

Since 2016, HIV Justice Network has been supported by grants from the Robert Carr Fund provided to the HIV Justice Global Consortium.

We are also currently supported by a grant from the Levi Strauss Foundation.

The HIV Justice Network is also grateful to The Monument Trust, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, and UNAIDS for their prior financial support.