[Update]UK: 60-year-old man pleads not guilty to three offences of inflicting grievous bodily harm for alleged HIV transmission

Man ’recklessly infected three women with HIV
October 2, 2019

Singapore: Court sentences Malaysian man to 42 months in jail for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Malaysian man pleads guilty, sentenced to 42 months jail for lying about HIV test, potentially infecting up to six victims
September 6, 2019

[Update]Canada: Ontario Court of Appeal upholds dangerous offender label for man who was convicted of aggravated sexual assault in 2012

Dangerous offender label upheld for HIV–positive man who pleaded guilty to sexual assault
August 19, 2019

[Update]France: Man sentenced to 7 years for alleged deliberate HIV transmission released under supervision order pending appeal

HIV transmitted to partner: he is released before a new trial
August 13, 2019

Russia: 23-year-old man already in prison for murder, sentenced to 8 years and 6 months in prison for alleged HIV infection

Tyumen, specially infected with HIV, received nine years in prison
August 6, 2019

[update]Belarus: 34-year-old woman sentenced to 10.5 years for alleged HIV transmission appeals court verdict

Белоруска получила за распространение ВИЧ 10,5 года
August 2, 2019

India: Police investigates complaint by woman alleging her daughter-in-law attempted to kill her son with an HIV infected syringe

Man infected with HIV, mother accuses wife
July 26, 2019

Australia: Sydney man sentenced to five years in jail for alleged HIV transmission

Man kept HIV secret from his lover despite years of warnings from doctors
July 26, 2019

Bhutan: 38-year-old sentenced to three years in jail for alleged HIV transmission

Driver sentenced for transmitting HIV
July 26, 2019
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