[Update]Canada: 27 year old Toronto man faces 8 new charges of aggravated sexual assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure

New charge laid against Toronto man who police allege did not disclose HIV status
July 21, 2017

Canada: 34yrs old man living with HIV in Qu├ębec faces 2 more sexual assault charges for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Agressions sexuelles: deux autres plaignants contre le porteur du VIH
July 18, 2017

US: Ohio Court of Appeals upholds conviction and five-year prison sentence of man convicted for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Ohio Appeals Court Upholds Conviction of HIV–Positive Gay Man for Felonious Assault in Non–Disclosure Case
July 16, 2017

US: Man living with HIV charged with “sexual battery with intent to transmit” in Virginia for alleged HIV transmission

Newport News police arrest man accused of spreading STD
June 28, 2017

US: Prison inmate in Michigan on trial for alleged HIV non-disclosure despite his partner retracting his earlier statement under cross-examination

Trial for inmate who allegedly didn’t tell HIV status before prison sex
June 15, 2017

[Update]New Zealand: Court takes advances in HIV treatment into account but man still sentenced to two years for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Man sentenced after knowingly infecting partner with HIV
May 27, 2017

[Update]New Zealand: 26 year-old man living with HIV wanted for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Warrant issued after HIV–positive Johnny Lumsden in court no show
May 21, 2017

Australia: Summary of proceedings in alleged HIV transmission case from initial trial to High Court decision to appeal dismissal

Aubrey v The Queen [2017] HCA 18: HIV, Recklessness and Grievous Bodily Harm
May 11, 2017

Australia: Man sentenced to 5 years in jail for alleged HIV transmission in New South Wales loses his High Court appeal

High Court rejects appeal of man who infected lover with HIV
May 10, 2017

Indonesia: Eight gay men arrested and subjected to mandatory HIV testing after police raided party

Gay men arrested in Indonesia forced to undertake HIV tests
May 6, 2017
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