New Zealand: Man living with HIV appears in court in Auckland for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Man on trial for infecting boyfriend with HIV
March 21, 2017

US: Florida Supreme Court rules that HIV-disclosure before “sexual intercourse” applies to same-sex relationships as well as heterosexual ones

Florida Supreme Court rules sex is sex, no matter who’s doing it
March 17, 2017

US: HIV Court Nightmare Ends For Olympian Darren Chiacchia (Press Release)

February 20, 2017

Photo by Bob Carey HIV Court Nightmare Ends For Olympian Darren Chiacchia, Ocala, FL – 2/19/17 2004 Olympic medalist, 2003 Pan American Games gold medalist, and 2004 Rolex Kentucky CCI**** victor, Darren Chiacchia of Ocala, FL and Springville, NY, has … More

Czech Republic: Man living with HIV sentenced to 8 years in jail for alleged transmission

Man sent to prison for spreading HIV knowingly
February 16, 2017

[Update] UK: Man charged with alleged deliberate HIV-exposure pleads not guilty in East Sussex Court

Man with HIV denies deliberately infecting sexual partners in Brighton
February 8, 2017

US: Man living with HIV in Florida sentenced to 124 days in jail for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Man pleads guilty to failing to disclose HIV status
January 14, 2017

US: Florida man arrested for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Cape Coral police arrest man for trying to infect partner with HIV
December 25, 2016

US: Download full Missouri Court of Appeal judgement in Michael Johnson case

Michael Johnson’s conviction reversed
December 20, 2016

New Zealand: 26 year-old man living with HIV arrested for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Police contacting people as HIV–positive man charged with unprotected sex
November 29, 2016
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