US: Oklahoma police issues arrest warrant for 24-year-old man accused of alleged HIV exposure

Man accused of knowingly giving HIV to girlfriend
July 16, 2019

Russia: 27-year-old man sentenced to 5 years in high security prison for allegedly transmitting HIV to minor

A resident of the NAO received five years in prison for infecting a teenager with HIV
July 13, 2019

[Update]US: Sentence postponed until July 26 for man previously found to be “risk to the public” for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Sentencing rescheduled for Escambia man accused of spreading HIV to partners
July 12, 2019

[Update]France: Man appeals against his 7 years sentence for alleged deliberate HIV transmission

Calvados. VIH devant la cour d’assises
July 3, 2019

Russia: Criminal case initiated in Samara region against man for allegedly transmitting HIV to his ex-wife

Resident of Chapayevsk faces criminal responsibility for the infection of a woman with HIV
July 1, 2019

Belarus: Criminal case initiated against man accused of alleged HIV transmission

In Lida, a man intentionally infected his wife with HIV
June 14, 2019

[Update]US: Missouri man pleads not-guily to two felony charges for alleged HIV transmission

Many seek HIV testing after Springfield man is accused of recklessly spreading virus
June 1, 2019

Cambodia: Second appeal for 43-year-old man sentenced to seven years in prison for alleged HIV exposure

HIV–positive man at Appeal Court over sentence for unprotected sex
May 29, 2019

Russia: Appeal court upholds 2 years sentence for man convicted of alleged HIV transmission in Chelyabinsk region

Суд не оправдал южноуральца, заразившего девушку ВИЧ–инфекцией
May 20, 2019
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