France: Man living with HIV under investigation for alleged HIV non-disclosure and HIV-transmission

Paris : un homme mis en examen pour avoir transmis le Sida à sa petite amie
August 10, 2017

Canada: Man charged with aggravated sexual assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure in British Columbia

Man accused of keeping HIV status from sex partners likened disclosure rules to ’witch hunt’
August 7, 2017

Canada: Charges of aggravated sexual assault dismissed after Ontario Judge takes undetectable viral load into consideration in HIV non-disclosure case

New science needed for HIV court case
August 7, 2017

Canada: Despite accepting there was ‘essentially zero’ risk, fear of HIV acquisition will be taken in account during sentencing of HIV-positive man for ‘brutal rape’

HIV–positive status to factor into Regina rapist’s sentencing, but not criminal charge
July 24, 2017

US: Man living with HIV in Ohio arrested for having sex with a woman

Sheriff: Columbus man with HIV charged after having sex with woman
June 28, 2017

[Update] Jamaica: Jamaican man extradited back to Canada to face charges of HIV non-disclosure

June 23, 2017

Israel: 24 year old migrant from Guinea arrested by Israeli police for alleged HIV transmission

Illegal migrant arrested on suspicion of infecting girlfriend with HIV
June 20, 2017

US: Ohio man living with HIV charged with felonious assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Akron man charged with assault after police say he didn’t share HIV–positive status with woman
June 8, 2017
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