Russia: Man to face trial for alleged HIV transmission in Umba

A Umba resident will go to trial for deliberate HIV infection.
March 12, 2020

US: Police goes on ‘fishing expedition’ for complainants against man accused of HIV non-disclosure in Florida

Man accused of having sex without disclosing HIV status; Jacksonville police seeking possible victims
March 11, 2020

Russia: Criminal case starts in Kemorovo against 42-year-old man charged with alleged HIV transmission

A man infected a Kemerovo woman with the dangerous HIV virus and was brought to trial.
March 9, 2020

Canada: 56-year-old Montreal man faces prison for alleged HIV transmission

Montreal man found guilty of transmitting HIV to two victims
March 9, 2020

Germany: Bonn Court takes HIV treatment into account and acquits teacher accused of having unprotected sex with minor

Bonn teacher acquitted
March 5, 2020

[Update]Russia: 21-year-old man sentenced to two years in jail for alleged HIV transmission

A Russian with HIV infected a schoolgirl went to jail
February 28, 2020

[Update]Canada: Ontario Court of Appeal considers case of man found guilty of aggravated sexual assault for alleged HIV exposure despite using condoms

Man convicted of not disclosing HIV status released pending appeal
February 12, 2020

Canada: British Columbia Supreme Court convicts 58-year-old man for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Chilliwack man convicted after failing to disclose HIV–positive status to partner
February 8, 2020

Canada: Winnipeg man sentenced to 4 years in prison for HIV non-disclosure and transmission

Failing to disclose HIV status, having unprotected sex nets man four–year prison term
February 4, 2020
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