Russia: 29-year-old man in penal colony charged for alleged HIV transmission

In the Kama region, a man intentionally infected his wife with HIV
January 23, 2020

India: 38-year-old man reports his wife and in-laws to the police for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Man accuses wife of hiding HIV status before marriage
January 23, 2020

[Update] US: Maryland man sentenced to 30 years, with all but 9 years suspended, for ‘knowingly attempting to transfer HIV’

Rudolph Smith Sentenced To 30 Years In Knowingly Transmitting HIV To 3 Women
December 20, 2019

[Update]US: Missouri man already charged earlier this year with reckless transmission faces new charges

Man who intentionally infected a woman with HIV is facing additional charges
December 19, 2019

Russia: In Krasnodar Territory, man faces up to five years in prison for alleged HIV transmission

In Kuban, a man goes on trial for having deliberately infected a woman with HIV
December 19, 2019

US: Man charged in Wisconsin with 6 felonies for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

HIV–positive man charged after sex with 6 women
December 17, 2019

US: 42-year-old man charged in Wisconsin for alleged HIV exposure and transmission

HIV–positive man charged after sex with 6 women
November 24, 2019

[Update]France: Court of appeal increases sentence of 63-year-old man to 4 years for alleged HIV transmission

Perpignan: sentence increased to 4 years for having transmitted HIV to his partner
November 23, 2019
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