[Update] Australia: Court of appeal reduces sentence from 6 years to 4 for transgender sex worker accused of alleged HIV transmission

Transgender sex worker has WA sentence cut
December 20, 2018

US: Trans woman arrested for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Woman charged with knowingly transmitting HIV
April 17, 2018

Norway: Trans sex worker with HIV deported from Norway after police considered opening criminal proceedings for HIV exposure

Refser politiet etter bortvisning av HIV–positiv prostituert mann
December 13, 2017

Australia: Trans* woman sex worker in denial about her HIV status and facing charge of alleged HIV transmission is refused bail by Perth magistrate and sent back to male prison

Sex worker charged with infecting client with HIV refused bail
April 21, 2016

Australia: Trans* sex worker accused in HIV transmission case refused bail, held in men’s prison; news report uses her birth name and gender and includes a photo

Escort ‘kept working after passing on HIV’
February 24, 2016

Australia: Trans* sex worker charged with ‘allegedly knowingly infecting’ her client with HIV

NSW escort charged after allegedly infecting customer with HIV in Western Australia
February 19, 2016
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