The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


US: Local and state health departments “instrumental” in conviction of Mississippi man

South MS man to serve 10 years for exposing 2 people to HIV
November 21, 2014

Zimbabwe: Sixth HIV prosecution since 2012 under vague and overly broad Section 79 of Criminal Law Act

15 years for infecting girl with HIV
November 20, 2014

Australia: Western Australian police can now force people who spit at or bite cops to undergo HIV and hepatitis B/C testing to “ease concern”

Police biters to face blood tests
October 28, 2014

India: Delhi High Court acquits man with HIV for alleged ‘HIV exposure’ following no proof of ‘unnatural sex’

HIV+ man acquitted of sodomizing boy – The Times of India
October 27, 2014

South Africa: Section 27 lawyers argue that using attempted murder charges for potential HIV exposure during rape does a disservice to rape survivors and to people with HIV

Criminalising HIV transmission stigmatises HIV rather than shows concern for rape
October 14, 2014

South Africa: Amnesty International’s research finds that many women and girls do not attend clinics until the later stages of their pregnancy because they believe that HIV testing is compulsory, fearing the stigma of being known to be living with HIV

South Africa: Pregnant women and girls continue to die unnecessarily | Amnesty International
October 10, 2014

UK: Brighton police receive PEP for bite and scratch from man with HIV despite ‘minimal risk’, reported in media worldwide likely adding to HIV stigma

Police Professional :: News :: Sussex defend use of HIV drug on bitten officers
October 10, 2014

US: Missouri sex worker arrested for living with HIV defended on local TV news by advocate highlighting latest science around HIV risks

Social worker says criminal laws related to HIV need to be updated
October 7, 2014

US: Charges dropped in Nick Rhoades HIV non-disclosure case following Supreme Court ruling

Charges dropped in HIV transmission case
October 3, 2014

US: Ohio judge shows rare understanding of HIV risks and impact of HIV-related stigma

Judge questions the constitutionality of HIV law used to charge Cleveland priest
August 18, 2014
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