The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


Belarus: Buda-Koshelevo man sentenced to 7 years in colony for HIV transmission based on his medical records

Суд приговорил заразившего двух женщин ВИЧ к семи годам колонии
June 23, 2016

Zimbabwe: Constitutional court dismisses appeal from two people convicted of “knowingly infecting” their partner. They now face up to 20 years imprisonment.

Concourt on Wilful HIV Infections
June 20, 2016

Russia: Penza man prosecuted for potential HIV transmission as a result of epidemiological investigation at antenatal clinic

Пензенец заразил ВИЧ–инфекцией свою сожительницу
June 20, 2016

Russia: Former prisoner from Solikamsk, Perm region, who potentially exposed a woman to HIV without disclosure, may receive to up a year in prison

В Прикамье в суд направлено дело о намеренном заражении жительницы Перми ВИЧ–инфекцией
June 16, 2016

Morocco: Fez Court of Appeal acquits HIV positive man charged with intentional HIV transmission after taking into account his viral load and treatment

L’ALCS se rejouit de l’acquittement d’un seropositif
June 14, 2016

USA: Tennessee man charged with one count of criminal exposure to HIV despite disclosure and being on medication

Nashville Man Charged After HIV Scare
June 13, 2016

USA: Houston man charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for alleged HIV transmission

Man may be knowingly infecting victims with HIV, police say
June 10, 2016

Zimbabwe: Bulawayo man pleads not-guilty to charges of “deliberate HIV transmission”

Man Up for infecting his wife
June 5, 2016
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