The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


USA: Arkansas HIV non-disclosure prosecution case study forms basis of critical analysis of HIV criminalisation laws

The Law of Positive Attraction
August 23, 2016

USA: Kentucky HIV positive man faces charges of wanton endangerment and assault for biting corrections officer

Nicholasville Man Accused Of Biting Corrections Officer
August 23, 2016

USA: Florida man charged with alleged HIV non-disclosure

Man accused of knowingly transmitting HIV
August 22, 2016

Canada: 20-year-old man charged with 4 counts of aggravated sexual assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Burlington man charged after failing to disclose that he is HIV positive
August 18, 2016

USA: Ohio woman charged with felonious assault for alleged HIV exposure

Police: HIV–positive Salem woman admitted to unprotected sex
August 17, 2016

Russia: 28-year-old woman from Chelyabinsk region found guilty in alleged HIV transmission and sentenced to suspended 1-year and 6-month sentence with same probation period

Челябинка заразила своего любовника ВИЧ–инфекцией
August 12, 2016

Canada: Toronto man arrested for alleged HIV non-disclosure faces charges of aggravated sexual assault

Toronto man allegedly deliberately infected woman with HIV; police warn there could be more victims
August 12, 2016

USA: Memphis woman faces charges of criminal exposure to HIV after allegedly biting police officer

Memphis woman with HIV bites police officer after being pulled over for driving with expired license plates
August 5, 2016

USA: High profile trial of Indiana man facing 27-criminal counts for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure will begin on August 15

Pool of 150 jurors to be considered in trial of Vigo Co. man accused of knowingly spreading HIV
August 1, 2016

[Update] USA: Charges dropped against gay Tennessee man charged with ‘criminal exposure to HIV’ for receiving oral sex without disclosure

Nashville Man Charged After HIV Scare
August 1, 2016
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