The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


France: Man living with HIV to appear in court in Perpignan 10 years after alleged HIV transmission

Assises : un Gardois accusé d’avoir transmis le VIH à sa compagne de 16 ans
December 4, 2016

Zimbabwe: Bulawayo man living with HIV faces charges of alleged HIV-exposure

Businessman up for exposing girlfriend to HIV
December 2, 2016

US: Report from Florida shows 22 people held in prison at the end of September under HIV criminalisation laws

Report on HIV Criminalization in Florida
December 1, 2016

Estonia: Man, 33, accused of HIV transmission to female complainant; police and media suggest there might be other affected women

Фото: взят под стражу мужчина, подозреваемый в распространении ВИЧ
November 29, 2016

New Zealand: 26 year-old man living with HIV arrested for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Police contacting people as HIV–positive man charged with unprotected sex
November 29, 2016

[Update]Canada: Tanzanian man found guilty of aggravated assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure despite protective low viral load

HIV–positive man guilty of assault after unprotected sex
November 29, 2016

US: Suspended sentence for Missouri man accused of biting police officers

Probation granted in HIV biting case
November 28, 2016

US: Venezuelan man living with HIV in Oregon is kept in detention center and faces deportation for “minor offense”

Venezolano con VIH enfrenta deportación
November 28, 2016

UK: Man suspected of alleged deliberate HIV-exposure wanted by Sussex police

Officers hunt  man at centre of HIV infection inquiry
November 24, 2016
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