The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


US: Iowa Court of Appeals reinstates appeal by man found guilty of HIV transmission to determine if Iowa Supreme Court decision to overturn Nick Rhoades’ conviction applies retroactively

Appeals court reinstates appeal of man with HIV
April 28, 2016

US: North Miami man arrested for biting is facing charges of aggravated battery and alleged criminal transmission of HIV

North Miami man grabs father’s testicles, bites him during dispute, police say
April 27, 2016

US: Pennsylvania man sentenced to prison for biting security guard, judge considered bite an HIV ‘exposure’ risk

Shoplifter with HIV sentenced for assault
April 22, 2016

Australia: Trans* woman sex worker in denial about her HIV status and facing charge of alleged HIV transmission is refused bail by Perth magistrate and sent back to male prison

Sex worker charged with infecting client with HIV refused bail
April 21, 2016

US: Iowa Supreme Court rules Nick Rhoades, who had his conviction for ‘criminal transmission of HIV’ overturned, cannot sue for wrongful imprisonment

Man convicted of HIV crime but later vindicated cannot sue
April 16, 2016

Canada: Case against man accused of alleged multiple HIV non-disclosure is postponed until June by the Court of Quebec

Affaire Tshibamba Muntu : la suite fixée en juin
April 16, 2016

US: Memphis man charged with criminal exposure to HIV for alleged HIV non-disclosure during consensual sex

HIV positive man accused of having unprotected sex with unknowning victim
April 15, 2016

US: Virginia Court sentences 49 year old HIV positive woman to six months in prison for biting her sister during fight

Woman with HIV convicted of biting sister during fight
April 14, 2016

Australia: High Court judgement “a significant advance”, says HALC lawyer, Alexandra Stratigos, who represented the defendant

High Court landmark case sets new HIV “transmission with intent” standard
April 8, 2016

UK: Edinburgh man, 25, arrested on suspicion of sabotaging condoms during sex with men in Brighton, re-bailed until May

Man accused of deliberately infecting other men with HIV is re–bailed
April 8, 2016
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