The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


Korea: 26 year-old sex worker arrested for allegedly exposing her customers to HIV

Busan case triggers nationwide AIDS panic
October 31, 2017

US: Man charged with felony in Kentucky for engaging in sex work and living with HIV

HIV–positive man charged with prostitution
August 4, 2017

Belgium: Brussels male sex worker gets 18 months for ‘attempted poisoning’ after disclosing his HIV status to a client who then obtained PEP following a single episode of condomless sex

18 mois requis pour tentative d’empoisonnement par le VIH
March 29, 2017

Nigeria: Sex worker in Zamfara State hunted by police following rumours about alleged HIV transmission

Prostitute infects 500 men with HIV in Zamfara
January 22, 2017

Turkey: Azerbaijani female sex worker arrested in Van province, accused of exposing 200 male clients to HIV

Задержана азербайджанская проститутка, заразившая 200 мужчин СПИДом
January 6, 2017

Greece: Athens court exonerate 11 HIV positive women who had been arrested and exposed publicly in 2012 in a notorious HIV-criminalisation case

HIV positive women finally acquitted of charges
December 16, 2016

US: Ohio woman living with HIV arrested on sex-work related charges

Police: HIV+ woman arrested again on prostitution–related charges
November 20, 2016

US: Georgia man pleads not guilty to charge of reckless conduct after arrest by undercover policeman

Man infected with HIV virus offers sex to undercover agent
October 29, 2016

US: Man living with HIV pleads not-guilty in Georgia to charges of alleged HIV non-disclosure and prostitution

Police: Man accused of prostitution didn’t disclose HIV status
October 5, 2016
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