The latest cases curated for the HIV Justice Network from global news reports.  Older cases from the Criminal HIV Transmission blog are also included.


Russia: 16-year-old girl living with HIV given one and a half year suspended sentence for biting and scratching a policeman

ВИЧ–инфицированная девушка осуждена за укус полицейского
August 28, 2018

Kenya: 30-year-old man charged with alleged HIV transmission for biting police officer

Kericho man charged with biting cop, infecting him with HIV
March 13, 2018

US: Woman from Tennessee charged with criminal exposure to HIV for biting police officer

Woman With AIDS Bites Police Officer
November 14, 2017

US: Pennsylvania woman who told ambulance workers she had HIV faces charge of aggravated assault for biting and spitting

ATV crash victim assaulted medical personnel
August 19, 2017

UK: Man living with HIV admits simple assault after biting a police officer, however despite media and court acknowledging that HIV could not have been transmitted, his name and photo are published

Man with HIV bit police officer during hotel rampage
May 31, 2017

US: Woman living with HIV in Iowa charged with “possibly” transmitting HIV to another woman during a fight

Suspect charged with possibly passing HIV on to victim
February 10, 2017

[Update]USA: Kentucky HIV positive man charge of wanton endangerment and assault for biting officer dismissed

Nicholasville Man Accused Of Biting Corrections Officer
December 12, 2016

US: Suspended sentence for Missouri man accused of biting police officers

Probation granted in HIV biting case
November 28, 2016

US: Florida man sentenced to jail for biting police officer

HIV–positive Palm Beach man who bit PBSO deputy sentenced to jail
November 3, 2016

Northern Ireland: HIV positive woman sentenced to 5 months in custody for biting police officer

HIV positive woman bit a police officer in hospital
September 1, 2016
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