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Canada: Video project highlights anger, frustration with criminalisation

November 11, 2009

A new video project by Canada-based filmmaker Orazio Caltagirone, AIDSphobia, is now available to watch on YouTube. Mixing speeches by Edwin Cameron with TV footage and other existing media, the video explores various issues surrounding the criminalisation of people living … More

Switzerland: New study examines every criminal prosecution; finds Swiss law discriminatory

September 24, 2009

A new and important study of criminal HIV exposure and transmission cases in Switzerland was published yesterday. Update: An English-language version of the Swiss AIDS Federation’s six page summary is now available. Download the pdf here. With the support of … More

UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon: criminalising HIV transmission “reinforces stigma”

June 26, 2009

United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon has spoken out for the first time against the criminalisation of HIV transmission. Speaking at the HIV/AIDS review during the 63rd United Nations General Assembly, held in New York on June 16th, Mr. Ban … More

Australia: New legal practitioners guide launched in NSW (updated)

June 16, 2009

Last Thursday, Australian High Court Justice Virginia Bell helped launch a new criminal HIV transmission guide for legal practitioners produced by New South Wales’ HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (HALC). Speaking at the launch, leading civil rights lawyer, David Buchanan, noted that … More

UK: Report shows police mishandling of investigations into alleged criminal HIV transmission

January 28, 2009

Below are the opening paragraphs of a news story I wrote for aidsmap about a new THT report about how the police in England are handling investigations into criminal HIV transmission. The full report, Policing Transmission, can be downloaded from … More

UK: Most gay men support criminal HIV transmission prosecutions

January 27, 2009

A startling and important new report from Sigma Research, entitled Sexually charged: the views of gay and bisexual men on criminal prosecutions for sexual HIV transmission has found that the majority of more than 8000 gay men surveyed in 2006 … More

Africa: PlusNews publishes in-depth analysis of criminalisation throughout the continent

December 9, 2008

PlusNews, the global online HIV and AIDS news service of the United Nations Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), has published an excellent in-depth analysis of criminalisation in Africa. A collection of short articles focusing on various aspects of criminalisation in … More

Global Criminalisation Scan website now live

December 1, 2008

The Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) today launched their Global Criminalisation Scan microsite, an incredibly important and useful new resource for anyone interested in criminal HIV exposure and transmission laws. The GNP+ Global Criminalisation Scan site is … More

UNAIDS says criminal prosecutions do more harm than good

August 6, 2008

This week UNAIDS has released a fantastic new policy paper firmly establishing that criminal prosecutions for HIV exposure or transmission – whether through sex, drug use or mother to child transmission – do far more harm than good. The paper … More

Australia: New booklet clarifies that disclosure – even with condoms – is mandatory in NSW

May 13, 2008

A new booklet, ‘Disclosing your HIV status’, produced by the New South Wales HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (HALC) highlights that both public health and criminal laws mandate that diagnosed HIV-positive people in NSW must disclose their HIV status prior to any … More

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