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US: Idaho Supreme Court upholds HIV exposure sentence

June 13, 2008

Just found this excellent blog posting from Leonard Link, originally posted on June 12th. Click here to read the complete posting. The Idaho Supreme Court spoke unanimously yesterday, upholding what may turn into something like a life sentence to an … More

Egypt: Appeals court upholds convictions of HIV-positive gay men

June 9, 2008

Egypt continues to criminalise people living with HIV, according to Human Rights Watch. Police and guards beat several of the men in detention. A prosecutor told one of the men that he had tested positive for HIV by saying, “People … More

UK: Court of Appeal rules non-HIV disclosure amounts to ‘provocation’

December 6, 2007

After posting the original story from the Halifax Courier yesterday, I wrote an article for aidsmap that incorporates comments from two legal experts. I have decided to make this the main article; the original story appears further below. English Appeal … More

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