Canada: B.C. Supreme Court jury convicts Zimbabwean migrant of aggravated sexual assault for HIV non-disclosure


HIV-positive man found guilty of aggravated sexual assault for exposing sex partners

February 7, 2014
Source: The Province

A B.C. Supreme Court jury has found that BX exposed three former sexual partners to HIV without their knowledge. On Friday, after a day of deliberation, the jury of seven women and five men convicted X, 42, of three counts of aggravated sexual assault.

X, who learned his was HIV positive as early as 2005, engaged in sexual relationships with the complainants, who cannot be identified because of a publication ban, without telling them that he had the virus.

He had both protected and unprotected sex with them, and two of the women ended up testing positive for HIV after being involved with X. The women testified at trial that if they had known X had HIV, they would not have had sex with him. X testified that he told the women he had HIV, but they decided to have sex with him anyhow. X, who is in custody, is scheduled to appear in court next on Feb. 13 to fix a date for sentencing submissions.