France: 37 years old man to appear in Court for alleged HIV transmission




Referred to the Criminal Court for transmitting HIV, "He never told me that it was his fault"

April 1, 2016
Source: BFM TV 
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TESTIMONY – In the Gard county, Vanessa, 27, has won a few days ago the right to try her former spouse before the court for having transmitted HIV. The result of many years of struggle.

 After years of procedures, Vanessa has just won the right for her former spouse  to be tried before the court for having transmitted HIV. The man (now aged 37) will be tried for “poisoning with premeditation.” In its decision, the judge not only considered the charges were sufficient for the ex-boyfriend to appear in the box for poisoning, but he also felt that the offence was premeditated.

Vanessa was 16 years old when she met her ex-boyfriend nine years ago, 10 years her senior. He was HIV positive for 6 years but hid the fact. After two years together, Vanessa discovers that she was, in turn, HIV-positive. This was a huge shock for the young woman. Today she does not pronounce the words HIV and AIDS. “One of his relations told me it would be for me to see a doctor. And he clearly announced to me that I had become HIV positive recently. This shocked me,” she recalls on Friday on RMC (radio station).

“I did not know what to do”

Sick very quickly, at the time, she weighed only 45 kilos for 1m70, Vanessa thought she would not survive: “I thought my life was over, not only I was no longer with that person but on top of it they informed me that I had a chronic disease … I fell into depression. I did not know what to do. This person had betrayed me … I really was not much more than 18 I did not know about AIDS “.

“When I went to see him for an explanation, he said that it was not serious, that it was not a serious disease, that you could live very well with it, says the young woman. He never told me the name of this disease, he never told me it was his fault. For him, it was not very important. He said that everyone could live with it. “ Six years ago, Vanessa fought back and decided to file a complaint against her former companion.The judge therefore legislated a few days ago that this man was to appear before the court for “poisoning with premeditation.”

A decision which Vanessa did not doubt but that she received with “relief”. “It is a crime, ‘she says.’ Homicide by poisoning ‘, there are no legal terms for it but he knew he was sick and that he could pass it on to me” . What does she expects from the trial? “I want him to tell me that it’s his fault, to acknowledge his mistakes, she said. It did not ruin my life, but almost. I’ll live my whole life with it. Today I wait for the end of the trial to finally see my life differently. “

“I have been fighting against this disease for seven years,” recalls the young woman before indicating. “This trial must act as an example. In the end, it is necessary for sick people to recognise that one has to be really careful. it’s stupid to come come to that, but they have to accept that they don’t want to get sued because they have made someone sick. We need to make them realise that this disease is very serious, and warning people must not be neglected. “ The trial could take place at the end of the year. Vanessa’s former partner could risk 15 years in prison.

Renvoyé aux assises pour avoir transmis le VIH: “Il ne m’a jamais dit que c’était de sa faute”

Dans le Gard, Vanessa, 27 ans, a obtenu il y a quelques jours que son ex-conjoint soit jugé devant les assises pour lui avoir transmis le VIH. Le résultat de plusieurs années de combat.

Après des années de procédures, Vanessa vient d’obtenir que son ex-conjoint soit jugé devant les assises pour lui avoir transmis le VIH. L’homme (aujourd’hui âgé de 37 ans) sera jugé pour “empoisonnement avec préméditation”. Dans son ordonnance, le juge d’instruction a non seulement considéré que les charges étaient suffisantes pour que l’ex-petit ami se retrouve dans le box pour empoisonnement, mais il a aussi estimé que les faits ont été commis avec préméditation.