Latvia: First ever conviction in Latvia for alleged HIV transmission


Person in Latvia sentenced to community service for "intentionally infecting another with HIV"

December 12, 2023
Source: Baltic News Network

A court of first instance in Latvia has sentenced a person to community service in a criminal case concerning intentional infection of another with HIV.

Riga City Court found the accused guilty and sentenced the person to 90 hours of community service. The accused was found guilty of intentionally infecting his girlfriend with HIV between April 2013 and April 2014.

Riga Pārdaugava prosecution office’s prosecutor asked the court to sentence the accused to a conditional prison sentence.

According to the prosecutor, when he learned he has HIV, the accused confirmed with his signature that he is aware of this. He was also presented with the rights and duties of an HIV-infected person and promised to follow them, i.e. ensure the infection does not spread to others and encourage friends and relatives to undergo an HIV test themselves.

Instead he did not warn his girlfriend that he is HIV-infected. The two of them had sexual intercourse multiple times without using necessary contraceptives. As a result of the man’s actions the woman became infected with HIV.

The court satisfied the victim’s moral damage compensation only partially. The court decided that the accused is to pay the victim a compensation of EUR 50 000.