Senegal: Two men appear in court charged with “act against nature and deliberate HIV infection”


Two men caught having sex at the Dakar-Gorée Memorial, one of whom is HIV positive

April 24, 2024
Source: Compilation of media reports from Senegal

Two individuals faced charges related to gay sex and HIV status after being discovered at the Dakar-Gorée Memorial. They appeared in court on Tuesday, 23 April 2024, with a decision expected on 30 April.

During a routine patrol, officers from the Rebeus police station encountered two individuals engaged in a consensual act at the Millennium Gate, specifically at the Dakar-Gorée Memorial under the caves.

Upon noticing the police presence, one man fled but was apprehended after a pursuit, while the other remained due to a physical disability. In statements to investigators, one individual acknowledged the nature of their actions and disclosed his HIV-positive status. The other initially denied involvement but later provided a different account.

During the court proceedings on 23 April 2024, one of the men initially attempted to retract his statement but ultimately acknowledged his HIV-positive status and past partners.

The legal representatives presented differing accounts of the events. While one individual maintained his initial statement, the other provided a different explanation, mentioning he had intended to have sex, but fled thinking that the policemen were in fact aggressors.

The prosecution argued that evidence presented by investigators and their statements supported the charge of “act against nature”. A two-year prison sentence was requested by the prosecution. The defense counsel advocated for a compassionate interpretation of the law.

The case has been adjourned until 30 April.