Uganda: 23 young woman in court for allegedly breastfeeding a child


HIV on the stand at Nabweru Court 19th Nov 

November 19, 2019
Source: UGANET
We shall call her by first name, Sharon. Sharon is a 23 young woman.  In a relationship, never had a child. Very fond of children.
A month ago her story was on TV and in tabloids, the “heartless woman” was the headline.
 It is alleged that on one fateful afternoon, she breast fed her relatives child.  A fact she denies strongly. 
She contends she wasn’t fully dressed and the the little child reached for her breast in that moment.
A community meeting was called , she was beguiled , shamed , all mothers with whom she  was fond with her children raised their hands to be counted as evidence that she is a murderer.
Her world came down crushing in that moment. Her life was altered in that moment.
Since then, her home is a prison cell.
Sharons only crime is that She is HIV positive.
We hope court hears  us out, yet again.
That being HIV positive doesn’t equal malicious
We hope that court invokes science,
That a woman that hasnt had child, will have no fluid to breast feed
Sharon will be in court this morning, We hope she obtains bail and she can go home.