Spain: Man living with HIV sentenced to 2 years in jail for alleged HIV transmission

Portugal: Court of appeal confirms sentence of three and half years in jail for alleged HIV transmission

Russia: woman charged with 4,5 years in jail for HIV transmission in Bashkiria based on hospital’s information

[Update]Germany: Nadja Benaissa given a two-year suspended sentence

Australia: Defendant in AU$750k Sydney gay civil case now faces criminal charges

Russia: in Maloyaroslavletz woman convicted of HIV transmission to two men, found guilty and sentenced to 1 year 7 month in prison

UK: Scotsman pleads guilty to UK’s first-ever charges for HIV exposure



Belarus: 35-year-old woman is prosecuted for HIV transmission in Hrodno region

New Zealand: African migrant sentenced to three-and-a-half years for HIV transmission

France: Man sentenced to five years for infecting current, former partners and baby