Zimbabwe: Woman, 22, accuses former partner, 38, of ‘alleged deliberate infection’

US: Michigan man who turned himself in for ‘deliberately’ infecting others, sentenced to 1.5 to four years

Russia: Chelyabinsk court ruled three-year probation for a man who allegedly transmitted HIV to two women

Belarus: young woman from Brest charged with 3 years in jail and a fine for HIV transmission

Russia: In Magnitogorsk of Chelyabinsk region, a man is convicted for HIV non-disclosure and alleged HIV transmission;

Romania: Man sentenced to 14 years in jail for alleged HIV transmission

Ukraine: Appeal court still finds woman criminally liable for husband and child’s HIV-related deaths, but reduces her sentence to probation instead of four years in prison

Spain: Man sentenced to 9 years for alleged HIV transmission

Belgium: Man sentenced to 3 years in jail for alleged HIV transmission in Huy

France: Man sentenced to five years for alleged transmission during one-off unprotected sex encounter in 1999