Singapore: 39-year-old sentenced to 3 months in jail for donating blood

Singapore: Man living with HIV sentenced to 3 months and 2 weeks in jail for donating blood

[Update]Singapore: Charges withdrawn for 37-year-old man indicted for donating blood and unknowingly lying about his sexual history

Singapore: 30-year-old man sentenced to three months in jail for hiding his sexual history before blood donation

SIngapore: 35-year-old man sentenced to four months’ jail for donating blood and lying about his sexual history

Russia: Criminal case initiated against woman living with HIV who gave blood

US: Man living with HIV under criminal investigation in Idaho for donating blood

US: Indiana man living with HIV charged with donating blood

Singapore: 23-year-old jailed for 15 weeks for not disclosing his sexual history before donating blood

US: 31-year-old man charged with four felonies in Indiana for donating blood